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Course Online Pizzaiolo PROFESSIONAL

the pizza maker Online Course

Buy our professional course is online and you too become an expert pizza maker. Our “Easy Method” with many videos and a tutor at your disposal you quickly learn to make pizzas. The course is suitable for those who want to make pizza at home, or for those who already know the craft and have the will to improve.

Price € 26Secure paymentpaypal along withcredit card. To learn more and to buy it click here.

It 'Released The New Ebook Dello Chef Silvio Cicchi

Finally there is the new book by chef Silvio Cicchi. Book Translated into 4 languages


NOT ONLY PIZZA-All you should have a pizza on the menu. Pizzas and original products, many gourmet proposals, but also products that have made the history of pizza in the world, are the solutions that all pizzerias should have in their menu. More than 170 photographs to help you realize unique recipes perfect to combine with a choice of raw materials of exception, for combinations of ingredients undiscounted. Insiders and enthusiasts will find in this book all the information needed to carry out in a workmanlike manner and in an innovative gastronomic recipes that are monuments of Italian cuisine. Raw materials. The processing techniques. the dough. The recipes.

Price € 4.99Secure paymentpaypal along withcredit card. To learn more and to buy it click here.

Buy used Stendipizza
Buy Pizza stretchers used
Buy Pizza stretchers used

Buy Pizza stretchers used car. almost new, he worked very little. Sell ​​due to inactivity. Great for those who must stretch many pizzas to the plate or to roll out the pizza pan. It's fine to prepare the pastry, or to hang out the homemade pasta. € price 400. call Silvio +39 3476244362

Equipment Pizzaioli and to make the perfect pizza at home

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Course Pizzaiolo Online with SKYPE or HANGOUT

The School of Pizza Makers Silvio Cicchi Plan First Course of pizza online.

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