Non Solo Pizza All That Should Have Every Pizzeria In Menu

Non Solo Pizza All That Should Have Every Pizzeria In Menu

Non Solo Pizza Tutto Quello Che Dovrebbe Avere Ogni Pizzeria Nel Menu Your language:       

The new book of Chef Silvio Cicchi. Are you the owner of a pizzeria? Are you the manager? Make a copy of this indispensable book


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 The quality of the pizza over the years has fallen dramatically. Chef Silvio Cicchi with this picture book with 177 beautiful images, related recipes, tips and methods of preparation, He explains what all the world should have pizzerias between the proposals of their menu.  These are international products 30/40 years ago were the highlight of the menu of every pizzeria, but over the years they are gone by the wayside. Courage, therefore,, roll up your sleeves, and, addressing myself to all the owners or managers of pizzerias around the world ... add these products to the menu of your pizzeria, success will be ensured.

Silvio Cicchi

Non Solo Pizza All That Should Have Every Pizzeria In Menu

Product Details
File.PDF: 116 color pages 177 beautiful images
publisher: Silvio Cicchi self publishing (February 2019)

Tongue: Multilingual, Italian-English-Portuguese-Spanish
  dimensions 31,6 Mb

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Non Solo Pizza All That Should Have Every Pizzeria In Menu

Pizzas and original products, many gourmet proposals, but also products that have made the history of pizza in the world, are the solutions that all pizzerias should have in their menu. More than 170 photographs to help you create unique recipes perfect to combine with a choice of raw materials of exception, for combinations of ingredients undiscounted. Insiders and enthusiasts will find in this book all the information needed to create a rule art and in an innovative gastronomic recipes that are monuments of Italian cuisine. Raw materials. The processing techniques. the dough. The recipes.

"One choice can change your destiny"

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You had an investment of 4,99 Euros to double the turnover of your business? This picture book of Chef Silvio Cicchi will help you create new dishes to immediately enter the menu of your business attracting new local customers, national and international. The book is also suitable for people who want to improve themselves professionally, or housewives who love this job. It's called "Not Just Pizza" precisely because in addition to our beloved pizza offers many other specialties such as pizzelle, panzerotti pizzas aperitif, puccia specialties of southern Italy, dozens of proposals of bruschetta, tortillas light, the famous rice balls, adorable potato croquettes and many other specialties to use as appetizers or to achieve the perfect buffet for birthdays or receptions professional-looking.

Non Solo Pizza All That Should Have Every Pizzeria In Menu


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  1. Beautiful rich picture book. So many recipes that are a good starting point for anyone who runs a pizzeria.

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