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World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian. Italy is famous all over the world for food, the moda e la history millennial. Most of the tourists who visit our beautiful country come for trendy shopping, the visit of the most beautiful cities of art e THE FOOD.

Food is certainly a driving sector of ours economy, often ours dishes they are copied and we see it when we visit other countries. This copy copy it amuses me a lot. Just imagine there are dishes passed off as Italians that really they do not exist in our country. A small list to follow.

Some Italian dishes that are famous abroad but are not Italian

Spaghetti with Meatballs. The Disney he even used them in a famous one cartoon, okay, they do not exist in Italy. You can eat spaghetti with meatball sauce, then the meatballs served in a second course of meat, but never together.

The Hawaiian or if you prefer pizza with pineapple you will certainly not find it in Italian pizzerias.

World Famous Italian Dishes That Are Not Italian

The Pepperoni Pizza: Do Not, I'm sorry for you but it doesn't exist in Italy, You can find pizza with spicy salami if you want to eat it in a pizzeria.

The garlic bread or call it Garlic bread, even this recipe is definitely not Italian, yet it is so famous around the world, everyone is convinced that it is an Italian dish.

Other non-Italian dishes passed off as such

Fettuccine Alfredo: Surely the fettuccine Alfredo do not exist in Italy, but believe us they are very famous all over the world. You can't imagine how many tourists sit at the table and order the fettuccine Alfredo.

Italian dressing: If you happen to go to New York buyout, it is a salad dressing, made with water, lemon juice, vegetable oil, and a mix of herbs, such as fennel, dill, oregano and salt. This sauce is also not Italian, different from our oil, salt and vinegar.

You want to know others?

The Fra Diavolo sauce: it's a tomato sauce spicy with chilli, garlic, parsley and basil, used to season the pasta oppure i seafood. Not that it's not good, but it certainly does not exist in Italy.

Spaghetti Bolognese: Try asking a Bolognese, will laugh in your face, maybe yes to Bolognese tagliatelle, but certainly not spaghetti.

There are others? This thing is funny

Chicken Parmigiana: Yes, you read that right, nothing eggplant, in its place a chicken cutlet, really funny.

The Carbonara: just think that even here in Italy this dish is always subject to lighting discussions, let alone find it served with cream. Anything, try to explain to him not to put cream on carbonara.

That's enough, but let's not forget the bonus

Cappuccino at the end of the lunch: there is nothing less Italian than this.

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How to Reuse Stale and Old Bread in the Kitchen

How to Reuse Stale and Old Bread in the Kitchen

How to Reuse Stale and Old Bread in the Kitchen. Today nothing is thrown away anymore, leftovers in the kitchen are precious so we need to pay close attention.

Let's start with dry bread, a few days old. It can be used in the kitchen in many ways, so never throw it away, follow ours useful tips on how to reuse it again in other recipes.

Stale bread is a precious resource

Pappa al pomodoro, famous Tuscan recipe is prepared with stale bread, peeled tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil. This soup is excellent both in the summer in its cold version and in the warm winter as a soup.

dumplings: If you have ever gone on holiday in Trentino you will surely have tasted the dumplings. Delicious meatballs of stale bread in broth, or sauté in a pan with butter and sage.

How to Reuse Stale and Old Bread in the Kitchen

Bread crumbs: There are many recipes where breadcrumbs are used. When the bread is dry you can grate it and place it in a glass jar with an airtight seal, it will keep perfectly for next use.

The panzanella: Old but always trendy recipe. Tomato salad with stale bread that in contact with the water released by the fresh tomatoes will become delicious as if by magic.

Breadcrumbs as a resource in the kitchen

Meatballs: To make yours delicious meatballs of meat, add some breadcrumbs. Your meatballs will become super soft.

Croutons for your soups: very simple to prepare, cut the old bread into cubes and put it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic and rosemary and browned, add them to your favorite soup.

Last tip

Crostini: Everyone really likes them, adults and children, add mozzarella and ingredients to your liking on a slice of stale bread, a few minutes in the oven and your croutons are immediately ready.

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Some Alternative Ways to Use the Microwave

Some Alternative Ways to Use the Microwave

Some Alternative Ways to Use the Microwave. There are really many who own this household appliance. In addition to warm up some foods and a defrost products that come from the freezer, the microwave oven is not used much for cooking.

Today I want to tell you about how to use the microwave in some alternative ways so as to make it useful in our house.

The alternative uses of the microwave

Clean your sink sponges: just so, put the sponge in a bowl with a little water and vinegar in the microwave for a minute, this operation will kill all the bacteria and you will get the sanitized sponge back just like the day you bought it.

Squeeze the lemons: You are preparing a lemon juice? Before squeezing them, place them in your microwave for about twenty seconds. The lemons will become soft and it will be much easier to squeeze every last drop.

Some Alternative Ways to Use the Microwave

Sanitize the socks: Your socks stink? Place them in the microwave for a few seconds and they will be as good as new.

Detach the stamps: Very useful trick for stamp collectors. Moisten the stamp with a few drops of water and place the postcard in the microwave for ten seconds, with the help of tweezers you will be able to detach it easily.

Tips on how to use the microwave

Honey: Your honey jar has become hard and crystallized over time? After having properly removed the metal cap, put the jar in the oven for thirty seconds. Mix it and it will become soft.

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Fried Pizzelle

Fried Pizzelle

Fried Pizzelle. They are a specialty of origins Neapolitan. Over time they have become famous all over the world even if somewhere they are called by a different name: Montanare.

They are prepared with the dough of bread or of the pizza and fries. After frying, tomato sauce is added in the center and grated Parmesan cheese to flavor everything.

A delight for the palate

They are perfect for the table buffet to birthdays, appetizers and any kind of party since everyone likes them, both adults and children.

Present Day many bars who prepare aperitifs prepare them hot for their guests.

Fried Pizzelle

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Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes. From my site every day I receive dozens and dozens of emails with as many questions on different topics about pizza. I suggest for pizza lovers to save my site among your favorite sites.

Summer has now come to an end, the temperatures have dropped all of a sudden and you know which is the most frequently asked question? Help mine dough does not rise. Where am I wrong? What are the causes?

When cold, the dough does not rise

On this side of the monitor of my PC it is often not easy to identify the cause. The first question I ask is: You remembered to put yeast in your dough?

Often the problem is solved already by answering this question. Many forget to add yeast to the dough. You are surprised?

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

If you are using sourdough, then you will need to wait a long time for it to rise, the mother yeast is slow, very slow, very slow. Next time use the classic brewer's yeast for bread making.

Another cause of non-leavening could be that the salt and yeast they ended up in direct contact with each other. You will already know for sure that the salt "kills" the yeast.

Leavening temperature

The leavening speed of the dough is controlled by the room temperature and humidity. If you let it rise in a cold room, the dough may not rise at all.

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The best fruit to eat here is the list

The best fruit to eat here is the list

The best fruit to eat here is the list. In our diet, fruit plays a very important part, I would say irreplaceable. Here is the list of some fruits that should always be on your table. Find out which ones.

Olive: Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Vitamin E, iron, copper, football. They reduce the risk of heart disease.

What fruit on our table

Oranges: They contain a lot of vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin B. The consumption of oranges brings a general well-being to our entire body.

Pineapple: Very rich in Vitamin C and Manganese, its pulp contains bromelain which reduces the risk of cancer.

The best fruit to eat here is the list

Grapefruit: Useful for fighting cholesterol and kidney stones. Helps you feel full for longer

Mango: Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, contains vitamin C and soluble fiber.

The super fruit to eat

Strawberries: Consuming strawberries helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Avocado: It is said to be our heart's best friend. High in healthy fats and potassium.

Other types of fruit

Banana: Ideal for those who do physical activity. They control blood sugar and are excellent for our digestive system.

Bodies: Antioxidants and fibers, excellent for digestion.

Conclusions on fruit

Cherries: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, contain melatonin which helps regulate our sleep.

More: Very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The more contain vitamin C, K, manganese.


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Olive Oil Use It Alternatively

Olive Oil Use It Alternatively

Olive Oil Use It Alternatively. Against mosquitoes: If you usually collect rainwater in a bin, add a few drops of oil. This will prevent the mosquito larvae from entering the water and then reproducing.

Against sunstrokes: put a small container of oil in the refrigerator and with the help of a cotton swab spread olive oil over the affected areas, this will calm the burns.

Use olive oil as you have never done before

Ear pain: If you have any annoying Plague, heat some oil and pour a few drops into your ear. This will ease the pain.

Remove the paint residues from the hands: with a cotton swab dipped in oil, rub on the paint stains. You will see that they will be magically removed. Your hands will stay hydrated.

Olive Oil Use It Alternatively

Sticky labels: just wipe a little oil on the surface of an old label and then remove it easily.

Problems dry lips or chapped? Use the miraculous olive oil to rehydrate them.

Your always shiny shoes like new? Rub your shoes with a microfiber cloth with a few drops of oil. Magically they will come back as when you bought them.

Still Helpful Tips

Shaving cream: You have used up your supply of shaving cream? No problem. Spread a few drops of olive oil on your face, you will avoid cuts and at the same time rehydrate your skin.


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Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them

Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them

Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them. God only knows how many olives are consumed in a pizzeria as a topping on pizzas, and in bars? There is no aperitif without a bowl of pickled olives, whether they are green or black.

The preparation of pickled olives it does not require any difficulty, we will need green olives, water, salt and some airtight jars.

The recipe for pickled olives

They are prepared in the fall, use freshly picked olives, even if they are not perfectly ripe. Do it in the month of November and remember to change the water every day.

The recipe provides: a kilo of olive verdi, a liter of water,80 grams of salt, a few sprigs of wild fennel, Bay leaves and a few cloves of garlic.

The preparation of olives in brine

After harvesting the olives, put them in a bucket covered with water and change the water every day for twenty days. This process will cause you to lose all the bitterness of the olives.

At the end of the twenty days, prepare the brine by dissolving the salt in warm water, at the end of the process let it cool.

We have reached the end of the preparation

Drain and wash the olives well and place them in glass jars with the garlic cloves and bay leaves and wild fennel. Now pour over the brine prepared earlier.

Before consuming them, it is better to wait 4/5 months for a complete ripening of the olives. They can last for years in the pantry if they are always covered in brine, even if the jar has been opened previously.


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Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them. Today we are talking about a very tasty dish, widely used in pizzerias for the filling of pizzas, but also as a side dish or even as an aperitif or appetizer.

It is also a perfect side dish to accompany meat or fish dishes, also great for stuffing burgers.

Sweet and sour for topping pizzas

The sweet and sour taste makes this ingredient very appetizing, therefore also suitable for combining very different ingredients.

The preparation of Onions Sweet & Sour it's fast, take a few minutes. You can use the red onion of Tropea, but also the fresh onion is not bad.

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Let's prepare the ingredients: onions, red wine vinegar, sugar, oil and salt. Someone adds two cloves to taste.

Cut the onions and brown them in extra virgin olive oil, let them caramelize by adding the sugar, blend in the red wine vinegar and leave on a low heat until cooked.

Other useful tips

If you like onions in bitter-sweet, prepared in the same way as the sweet and sour peppers, or why not the Pumpkin Sweet & Sour. They are all fantastic ingredients for the preparation of delicious pizzas.

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The Spaghetti Omelette

The Spaghetti Omelette

The Spaghetti Omelette. The pasta omelette it is a classic of the Italian tradition, someone associates it with Neapolitan cuisine, but I can assure you that it belongs to all Italian cultures, from Trentino to Sicily.

It was prepared with the leftovers from the day before, not what is in the refrigerator, since the history of the omelette with pasta dates back to the invention of the refrigerator.

The history of the pasta omelette

It can actually be prepared with any type of pasta, not just spaghetti, but also short pasta. Pasta heated like an omelette, it can be white without sauce or red with sauce.

Very cheap dish, you can also find it in some traditional pizzeria. Over time the macaroni omelette has come back very useful for trips out of town, since you can eat both cold and hot.

The Spaghetti Omelette

When I was a child I remember that my mother often prepared her for trips to the sea. I remember that you could only eat after taking a bath.

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Let's move on to the greetings before making an omelette

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