The drafting of the balls of pizza

Drawing up of balls of pizza

Drawing up of balls of pizza.

In the many years that I do this work, I've seen thousands of colleagues intent in drafting the balls of pizza. I must confess that there is a right way and a wrong way to roll out the balls, each adopts its technical staff and proven over time.

Drawing up of balls of pizza
The drafting

Drawing up of balls of pizza.

To have a successful, just follow some rules:

The dough should be well leavened, must have at least doubled in volume.

When you proceed to the drafting of the ball, we must never crush the edge, otherwise sforneremo a pizza without board. Matches from the center pushing the gases produced by rising to the outside.

Everything else…….practice, much practice. This is the main reason for which you attended a course for pizza.

For a pizza lying evil, which took a little presentable form, is preferable to a ball for pizza spread with a rolling pin. Will certainly have little border around, but the result will be better in terms of aesthetics.

I wanted to add a video to facilitate your task. A pizza maker takes on average just over 30 seconds for the drafting of the balls of pizza.

Video by SC web marketing agency

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