10 and Praise to Pizza Pazza - The Easy Recipe

Pizza crazy

The pizza crazy is one of the most searched pizzas in the world on Google, the recipe is very easy to do at home, also suitable for those who have little experience with the dough to make pizza. One other thing that made this famous pizza is the fact that it is the only pizza that is eaten with the hands, without the use of knife and fork.

pizza crazy
La Pizza Pazza

Convenient to carry, and delicious to taste, pizza crazy over the traditional way of filling it, ie with prosciutto and mozzarella sliced, can be prepared in many different ways, then there will be hard to please your guests.
Its long history began many years ago, when some customers began to require sellers to focaccia along roads, to add some ingredient above, and asked to fold the pizza to "portfolio" to be able to eat continuing the walk. From here took the name of "pizza portfolio".
Then, perhaps the onset of the crisis and the increasingly empty wallets, or perhaps because of the portfolios that have changed their original form, we preferred to turn his name to that of today's Pizza Pazza.

pizza crazy
The pizza crazy

Recipe pizza crazy

Useful Tips: When you buy the salt to prepare your pizzas and for daily use, purchased salt, that in addition to sodium chloride, contains many other useful minerals to our body.
To prepare at home 4 pizza crazy you'll need:
Flour type "0" 625 grams
Water 375 grams
Sale 15 grams
Yeast 2 grams
Sugar 10 grams
Oil 2-3 spoons
Pour the water into a container, Dissolve the yeast in the water and add the sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Add the flour and knead with your hands. Add the salt and mix everything until you get a compact and elastic until it completely detach from your hands. Divide the dough into 4 balls, cover it well and let it rise for an hour or until doubled in volume will not be.
After the rising phase with the aid of a rolling pin, roll out the balls until you have four thin disks (half a centimeter). Perforated discs of dough with a fork, this to avoid that during baking the cake is swollen. Add salt and rosemary and put to cook in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees. La Focaccia cooks fairly quickly not having any topping over, then after 10 minutes check for doneness, and when the edge prove to be perfectly golden, your baked buns.
Cut them in half with a knife, fill them with good prosciutto and mozzarella sliced, seasoned with olive oil and salt and .... Bon Appetite.

pizza crazy
Pizza Pazza

Even the crazy pizza will be one of the topics that will deepen in the next course of pizza that will take place from 10 to the 19 April 2015. Click here to learn more about the details of the course.
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pizza crazy
Pizza crazy