Pizza Nutella and philadelphia

Pizza Nutella and Philadelphia Fabulous Dessert

If you are always looking for new ideas for delicious surprise your dinner guests, or are looking for new pizzas to be added to the menu of your pizzeria, here is the Nutella pizza and Philadelphia.

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza Nutella and philadelphia with cocoa and icing sugar

I have not yet happened to a client who said "no" to this incredible marriage of delicious flavors, children simply adore, not to mention the adults who go absolutely crazy!

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza Nutella and philadelphia with crushed biscuits

It is very easy to make a pizza at home, even for those who are beginners, a few simple ingredients that make this pizza the "number one" among the dessert pizzas to offer your guests.

The timing of the preparation of the pizza nutella and Philadelphia are very low and you can prepare it in advance as it should be eaten cold (not in the fridge).

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza with Nutella and bananas in philadelphia fettee chopped almonds

Pizza Nutella and Philadelphia: The Preparation

Pizza dough

Recipe homemade pizza
Ingredients Note
Flour500 grams DO NOT use flour with baking powder already mixed in, or mixtures of meals. If you want to eat your pizza tonight for dinner, used a normal flour type "0", if it is produced from some local mill even better.
Water250 grams Your tap water is not cold, around 20 degrees.
Extra virgin olive oil1-2 spoons It is not of fundamental importance, but a few tablespoons of oil will improve the gluten of your pizza.
Sale5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons) Shortly sale, and never in direct contact with the yeast. To avoid making mistakes, add it to your mixture near the end.
Fresh yeast2-3 grams It's not a typo, fresh yeast 2 the 3 grams. Considers that a cube of yeast bought at the supermarket weighs 25 grams, BUY therefore only a few crumbs. The granular yeast is fine but being dehydrated ferments, leavening take longer tempo.Non absolutely use the baking powder in sachets with or without vanillin..

If you have no experience in the preparation of the dough for pizza and rising, I suggest you read this my previous article.

Divide the dough into 4 balls and let them rest for an hour the rising phase in a container with lid.

After the rising phase flattened balls pizza to obtain 4 discs of dough by the diameter of 30 centimeters.

Season the circles of dough with salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and rosemary that will be removed after cooking.

Bake in your oven preheated to 250 degrees for 10 minutes, when the board will be perfectly golden, baked buns and let them cool by removing the rosemary.

Pizza Nutella and Philadelphia: Preparation of the ingredients

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pour into a container Nutella and philadelphia

In a bowl, pour the Philadelphia cheese and Nutella, mix well and spread the cream on your pizza focaccia.

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Stir Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Spread the cream on the cake

To make elegant presentation of Pizza Nutella and Philadelphia, sprinkle with cocoa powder and powdered sugar. If it is to your liking, you can add a sprinkling of chopped almonds. In the dessert pizzas, you can use a sprig of fresh mint in place of fresh basil that is commonly used in the presentation of the pizzas.

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza Nutella and philadelphia

Serve the pizza dessert accompanied by a glass of prosecco!

Pizza Nutella and philadelphia
Pizza Nutella and philadelphia

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