5 good reasons to take a course

5 Good Reasons to Follow one of My Professional Courses of pizza

Silvio Cicchi executive pizza chef5 Good Reasons to Follow one of My Professional Courses of pizza. As clearly described in the title, I propose some valid arguments to convince you to attend the course of pizza at our school. In reality, the reasons seem to be more than 5 and all very valid, but we see the list:

5 Good Reasons to Follow one of My Professional Courses of pizza

  1. I carry out this work by 40 age, I know the pizza and no one better than I can teach you this fantastic craft that gives you the opportunity to work all over the world.
  2. Organize only individual courses. Enough of these pseudo-classes together with other 15 people, alone it is learned faster. The course we do so when are you available.
  3. very little cost, only 450 EUR to 5 days (30 hours of lessons).Possibility of accommodation in a B&B arrangement.
  4. Issue of a certificate valid worldwide.
  5. The courses take place in a laboratory.
  6. The pizza place that our courses, are ready to be introduced to the world of work.
  7. You can contact me personally at number +39 3476244362 and expose me your requests.
  8. Because we are having significant records: The 83% of our students find work immediately.
  9. Because we are a real school, not a pizzeria.
  10. Our courses cover topics such as: Pizza slices, pizza dish, Street food da banco pizzeria, preparing snacks appetizers, Pizza a “wallet”, esplanades, focacceria, trousers, dessert pizza and fried pizza.
  11. Because if you contact me by email or by telephone, I say to everyone immediately.

As you can see, there is more than a good reason to follow one of my professional courses of Pizzaiolo. Get Them!! Contact.

Silvio Cicchi

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