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Choosing the Right Yeast The Secret to a Perfect Pizza

Choosing the Right Yeast The Secret to a Perfect Pizza

Choosing the Right Yeast The Secret to a Perfect Pizza. Dear pizza lovers,

Welcome to my blog dedicated to the art of pizza! Today I want to share with you a crucial aspect in creating the perfect pizza: choosing the right yeast. Choosing the right yeast can make the difference between a mediocre pizza and a culinary masterpiece. Then, Get ready for a journey into the world of dough and the magic of yeast!

Let's start by talking about the importance of a good choice of yeast in the preparation of doughs. Yeast is the soul of our pizza, the magician who transforms flour and water into a fragrant work of art. When you visit a quality pizzeria, behind the goodness of pizza there is often a careful choice of yeast.

Brewer's Yeast or Natural Yeast?

The first decision you need to make is between brewer's yeast and natural yeast. Both have their merits, but it is important to understand the differences. Brewer's yeast is fast and reliable, perfect for those who want a pizza ready in a relatively short time. On the other side, natural yeast takes longer but gives a pizza with a unique complexity of flavours.

Imagine enjoying a pizza with naturally leavened dough, which speaks of tradition and love for detail. It is an experience that is worth the patience required in preparing the dough.

The Magic of Cooking Pizza

In addition to the choice of yeast, cooking the pizza plays a fundamental role. A perfect pizza requires uniform cooking, with a golden crust and deliciously melted cheese. Choosing the right yeast is just the first step, but cooking is its celebration.

In quality pizzerias, the cooking process is secret and rigorous. From oven temperatures to cooking duration, every detail is designed to guarantee a pizza that conquers the palate. If you want to recreate this magic at home, you need to know your oven and experiment until you reach perfection.

Exploring the World of Pizza: Our Pizza Chef Courses

And if all this has inspired you to become true pizza masters, then you can't miss the opportunity to sign up to us courses pizzaiolo! In our Silvio Cicchi pizza school, you will learn the secrets of dough, cooking techniques and everything you need to know to transform yourself into true pizza artists.

Our courses are designed for everyone, from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts. We share our passion for pizza and accompany you on a journey that will make you love this extraordinary dish even more.

Conclusion: The work behind every plate of pizza

In conclusion, choosing the right yeast is just one of the elements that make up the picture of the perfect pizza. From the preparation of the dough to the cooking, each phase requires attention and dedication. And if you are fascinated by this world, don't hesitate to sign up for our pizza chef courses.

I hope this journey into the heart of pizza has inspired you. Next time you enjoy a slice of pizza, appreciate the work and passion behind it. Bon Appetite!


Silvio Cicchi

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How to Get a Fragrant and Crispy Pizza Like Never Before

How to Get a Fragrant and Crispy Pizza Like Never Before

How to Get a Fragrant and Crispy Pizza Like Never Before

Hello dear pizza friends! You are ready for a culinary adventure that will transform your kitchen into a small pizzeria of excellence? Today I will reveal all the secrets to preparing incredibly fragrant and crunchy pizza dough, just the way you love it.

The Magic of Pizza: A Journey into the World of Italian Delights

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most loved dishes in the world. Each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures, and its magic begins with the base: the pasta. But how to get that perfect consistency, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside? Let's get into the details!

How to Get a Fragrant and Crispy Pizza Like Never Before

Dough preparation: The First Step Towards Excellence

The preparation of dough is a true art, and this is where the magic of yours begins pizza. Flour is the protagonist, but the real key is its combination with water. Use quality water to give your pasta a unique softness.

Start with a mixture of flour and water, adding a pinch of salt to accentuate the flavors. But here's the trick: let the dough rest for a sufficient amount of time. This will allow the ingredients to mix perfectly, giving your pizza an exceptional consistency.

The Secret of Perfect Cooking Revealed

Now that you have your dough ready, Let's move on to cooking, the moment when magic reaches its peak. The oven is your best ally, make sure it is hot before putting your creation in the oven.

A baking stone can make a difference, giving the pizza base that crunchy touch that everyone loves. If you don't have one, you can opt for a baking tray, but make sure you preheat it well.

Temperature is crucial. A high temperature will cook the pizza quickly, sealing the surface and keeping the inside soft. Don't be afraid to experiment with cooking times until you get the desired consistency.

The Importance of Experience: Pizza chef courses with Silvio Cicchi

Pizza making is an art that can be refined with experience. If you want to deepen your knowledge and learn the secrets directly from a master, why not sign up for our pizza chef courses? We organize sessions in our renowned Silvio Cicchi's Pizza School.

Silvio Cicchi, an expert pizza chef with years of experience, will share the tricks of the trade with you, from the choice of ingredients to the magic of preparation and cooking. By signing up, you will become true pizza wizards in your kitchen.

Conclusions: Taste and crunchiness in every bite

In conclusion, Preparing pizza is a compelling and rewarding experience. Following our advice, you can transform your kitchen into a world-class pizzeria. Remember to experiment, learn from mistakes and above all, have fun!

Are you ready to amaze friends and family with your homemade pizza? Follow our advice and prepare to live an unforgettable gastronomic experience!


Silvio Cicchi

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The Magic of Pizza Discover the 5 Perfect Flours for Your Masterpiece in the Kitchen

The Magic of Pizza Discover the 5 Perfect Flours for Your Masterpiece in the Kitchen

The Magic of Pizza Discover the 5 Perfect Flours for Your Masterpiece in the Kitchen. Hello to all pizza lovers! You are ready for a journey into the world of flours, where the magic of pizza takes shape? Today we will explore together the 5 most suitable flours to create your perfect pizzeria-style pizza. Get ready to delight your palate and become true pizza masters!

Let's start with a fundamental truth: flour is the basis of every extraordinary pizza. Its quality determines the consistency, the crunchiness and flavor of the dough. Then, without further ado, here are our tops 5 flours to keep an eye on for your next culinary creation:

Italian wheat flour type 0: The Heart of Italy in Your Pizza Let's start with a timeless classic. Type Italian wheat flour 0 it is the preferred choice in traditional Italian pizzerias. With its finesse and high protein content, creates a light, thin pizza with a perfectly golden crust. Choosing this flour is like bringing a piece of Italy directly into your kitchen.

Durum Wheat Semolina Flour: The Robustness of Tradition If you want a pizza with a rustic touch and a denser texture, durum wheat semolina flour is the answer. Typical of the southern regions of Italy, this flour gives the pizza a more robust structure and an intense flavour. Ideal for those who love a pizza that stands out!

Flour Manitoba: The Strength of Gluten for a Soft and Elastic Pizza For those who want a slightly thicker and chewier pizza, Manitoba flour is the key. With a high protein content and gluten strength, this flour gives the dough an elastic structure, perfect for those who love folding Neapolitan-style pizza. The softness you will get will make you fall in love with every bite.

Wholemeal flour: The Healthy Choice That Doesn't Give Up Taste If you're looking for a healthier option without compromising flavor, wholemeal flour is the answer. Rich in fiber and nutrients, this flour adds a touch of robustness to your pizza, with a slightly nutty flavour. It is the perfect compromise between taste and well-being.

Rice flour: The Gluten Free Choice for Everyone to Enjoy For those who need to avoid gluten, rice flour is the magic solution. Light and easily digestible, this flour is ideal for creating a gluten-free pizza that maintains all the goodness and crunchiness of the traditional version.

Now that you've discovered the 5 magic flours, feel free to experiment and find the perfect combination for your unique palate. And if you want to take your passion for pizza to the next level, why not sign up for our pizza chef courses? We organize exciting courses in our pizza school by Silvio Cicchi, where you can learn all the secrets to become a true pizza master.

Pizza is more than a dish; it is an art. And with the right flours, every pizza you create will be a masterpiece. Have fun in the kitchen, and remember to share your creations with us!


Silvio Cicchi

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Exploring the World of Pizza Toppings with Original and Delicious Ideas. Dear pizza lovers,

Exploring the World of Pizza Toppings with Original and Delicious Ideas

Exploring the World of Pizza Toppings with Original and Delicious Ideas. Dear pizza lovers,

Who doesn't love a delicious pizza? This Italian dish has won the hearts of many people around the world, thanks to its versatility and goodness. But one of the most fascinating things about pizza is its possibility of customization with creative and tasty toppings. Today we will explore the world of the most original and delicious pizza toppings, to help you discover new and incredible flavor combinations.

In the world of pizza, the options are endless, and each pizzeria has its own special touch. However, for the most original fillings, we often have to look for passionate and creative pizza makers who dare to experiment. But don't worry, because here we will share some of the most interesting ideas that you can try or inspire you to create your own unique creations.

Exploring the World of Pizza Toppings with Original and Delicious Ideas

Pizza with Potatoes and Rosemary

Imagine a pizza with a crispy crust, enriched with thin slices of potatoes and flavored with fresh rosemary. This combination is an incredible explosion of flavors. The light starch of the potatoes pairs perfectly with the aromatic scent of rosemary, creating a unique experience for your palate.

Pesto Pizza with Dried Tomatoes

Pesto is a classic Italian seasoning that can transform a pizza into something extraordinary. The pesto base, made with fresh basil, Pine nuts, cheese and olive oil, adds a note of freshness and flavor. To complete the dish, add dried tomatoes in oil for a touch of sweetness and intensity. This pizza is like a trip to Italy in every bite.

Carbonara pizza

Yes, you got it right, a carbonara pizza! This unusual filling takes inspiration from the famous Italian pasta and transforms tradition into something new and extraordinary. The base is a creamy carbonara sauce, enriched with crispy bacon and pecorino cheese. A slice of this pizza is like a celebration of Italian cuisine.

Pizza with Poached Egg

The poached egg is an amazing addition to any pizza. When the pizza is almost ready, just add a whole egg to the center and cook it until the white is well set but the yolk is still soft. The yolk mixes with the hot pizza creating a decadent creaminess and texture contrast that is truly exceptional.

Vegan Pizza with Cauliflower

For our vegan friends, there is a special pizza that is not only healthy but also delicious. The base of this pizza is made with grated cauliflower and almond flour, making it gluten-free and rich in fiber. The filling includes grilled vegetables, like courgettes and peppers, combined with a delicious hummus instead of traditional salsa. This pizza is a riot of flavors and health.

Nutella Pizza with Fresh Fruit

After exploring the savory fillings, we can't forget the sweet one. Nutella pizza with fresh fruit is a dream for those with a sweet tooth. Spread a layer of Nutella on freshly baked pizza and cover it with strawberries, bananas and raspberries. This dessert is an explosion of sweetness and crunchiness that will win your heart.

Now, you might be wondering where you can find these incredible pizzas with such original and delicious fillings. This is where the idea of ​​signing up for our pizza chef courses that we organize in our house comes into play Silvio Cicchi's Pizza School. Our courses will not only teach you how to prepare a perfect pizza, but they will inspire you to experiment with unique ingredients and extraordinary flavor combinations.

Our expert pizza chef, Silvio Cicchi, He has extensive experience in the world of pizza and will be your mentor as you explore the endless possibilities of creative toppings. You will learn traditional techniques and new culinary trends that are revolutionizing the world of pizza.

In addition to, during our courses, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the most original and delicious pizzas prepared by Silvio Cicchi himself. You can experience these culinary delights and gain inspiration to create your own unique versions to share with friends and family.

In conclusion, the world of pizza toppings is a universe full of creativity and flavour. Now that you have discovered some of the most original and delicious ideas, you are ready to explore new culinary horizons. Sign up to ours pizza chef courses in Silvio Cicchi's Pizza School and begin your journey to becoming pizza masters.

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired by the passion for pizza and discover the infinite possibilities of delicious toppings. Your culinary adventure awaits!


Silvio Cicchi

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Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida. Hello to all my pizza-loving friends! Present Day, I will take you on a very special culinary journey to discover the two most loved varieties of Italian pizza: pizza by the slice and round pizza. Come on board as I share with you my personal experience and the delicious adventures I've had in the world of pizza.

Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza La Saporita Sfida

The story begins some time ago, when I was on holiday in Rome, the Italian capital famous for its delicious food and pizza in particular. After a long day of sightseeing, hunger started to make itself felt. My brother and I were undecided about where to go for dinner, but the inviting scent coming from a small pizzeria by the slice instinctively guided us towards it.

Entering the pizzeria, the atmosphere was welcoming and inviting. The tables were crowded with locals chatting happily among themselves, while the pizza counter was a riot of colors and flavours. I approached the counter with growing curiosity, ready to choose my first slice of pizza by the slice.

While I was queuing, I noticed a large selection of pizzas by the slice displayed behind glass. We were truly spoiled for choice: Daisy, Four cheeses, Ham and mushrooms, and many other tempting variations. Although I was tempted to try a little’ of everything, I opted for a slice of Pizza al Taglio with crispy bacon and chilli. The idea of ​​a thick and soft base, covered in fresh and tasty ingredients, it was too tempting to resist.

While I bit into my slice of pizza with gusto, I appreciated the perfect combination of flavors. The base was soft and slightly crunchy at the edges, while the crispy bacon and spicy chilli gave it a heady touch. It was a dining experience I would want to repeat again and again.

The Round Pizza: A Rooted Tradition

After my tasting of pizza by the slice, the journey took me to the birthplace of pizza, Napoli. Being an avid fan of this exquisite Italian dish, I couldn't miss the opportunity to taste a real Neapolitan pizza.

We looked for a traditional pizzeria in the heart of Naples, and there, I had the privilege of tasting an authentic round pizza, cooked in a wood oven. It was heaven for pizza lovers!

Sitting at the table of a small pizzeria, I observed the pizza chef as he prepared the pizza with skill. The thin base, slightly burnt on the edges, it was laid out with care and love. Fresh and local ingredients, like San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, they were carefully arranged before popping the pizza into the blazing wood-fired oven.

As soon as the pizza emerged from the oven, I was enchanted by its simple beauty. It was warm, fragrant and inviting. As my first bite touched my tongue, I knew I had arrived in heaven. The base was thin and tender, while the tomato, the mozzarella and basil blended into a combination of flavors that danced in my mouth.

The Neapolitan round pizza had an authentic and delicious flavor that was hard to beat. It was a completely different experience than pizza by the slice, but equally unforgettable.

The Dilemma: Pizza by the slice or Round Pizza?

After enjoying both varieties of pizza in different locations, I found myself in the middle of a culinary dilemma. Both options had their advantages and disadvantages, but which one would I choose if forced to do so?

Pizza by the slice had the advantage of a greater variety of flavors and toppings. The possibility of choosing a different slice each time and its practicality made it perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends. It was the perfect pizza to carry around while I explored the streets of Rome.

On the other side, the Neapolitan round pizza had a soul of its own. It was a more traditional and authentic dining experience, a real journey into Italian flavors and traditions. The thin base and the unique flavor of San Marzano tomatoes made this pizza an irresistible option for those looking for authenticity.

A New Love: Pizza by the slice at home

Back home, I decided to further explore the possibilities of pizza by the slice. I started experimenting in the kitchen, trying to replicate the delicious pizzas I had enjoyed in Rome. I looked for authentic recipes and learned the tricks to get a soft but slightly crunchy base, just like the sliced ​​pizzas of authentic Roman pizzerias.

I discovered that the pizza by the slice could be customized according to my tastes and desires. I have created a variety of pizzas by the slice with fresh ingredients such as mushrooms, bacon, olive, cheese and much more. My kitchen has become my personal pizzeria, and I started experimenting with new flavor combinations.

One day, I organized a pizza evening with friends and prepared several homemade pizzas by the slice. The smiling faces and applause of my guests made me feel like a real pizza chef. Pizza by the slice had conquered a special place in my heart, becoming a culinary tradition that I would continue to cultivate.

The Return Home

Despite my growing passion for pizza by the slice, I couldn't forget the Neapolitan round pizza. I returned to Naples for another culinary adventure, this time with the intention of further exploring the tradition of round pizza.

I returned to the same pizzeria where I had enjoyed my first authentic Neapolitan pizza. It was like meeting an old friend again. The pizza maker, with his impeccable craft, he prepared pizzas with the same skill and dedication. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the heady scents of the wood-fired oven made my mouth water.

This time, I opted for a Margherita pizza, the queen of Neapolitan pizzas. It was a timeless experience. The thin base and freshness of the tomatoes and basil were irresistible. The buffalo mozzarella it melted gently on top of the pizza, creating a simply delicious combination of flavors.

During my stay in Naples, I also had the opportunity to attend a pizza chef course organized in Silvio Cicchi's pizza school. I learned the art and science of creating the perfect pizza, from the preparation of the dough to the pairing of the ingredients and cooking in the blazing flame of the wood-fired oven. It was an incredibly informative and fun experience that deepened my understanding of Neapolitan round pizza.

The Subjective Choice

As I reflected on these two unique dining experiences, I realized that there was no definitive answer to the question “Pizza by the slice or round pizza: which one is better?”. Both varieties had their own unique charm and value.

The pizza by the slice was versatile, convenient and customizable. It was perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends during a casual evening. The ability to choose from a variety of delicious flavors made pizza by the slice an irresistible option.

On the other hand, the Neapolitan round pizza was an authentic work of culinary art. Every bite conveyed the history and traditions of Italian cuisine. It was a more formal and traditional experience, ideal for special evenings and romantic dinners.

In the end, the choice between pizza by the slice and round pizza depends on personal tastes and specific situations. While pizza by the slice has become my favorite for informal occasions, Neapolitan round pizza remains a special option to be enjoyed in a traditional atmosphere.


My search for the perfect pizza led me to discover the delights of pizza al taglio and Neapolitan round pizza. Both varieties have their special place in Italian cuisine, each with its own unique characteristics.

If you asked me today which is the best, I would tell you to experiment with both and decide based on your personal preferences. Pizza by the slice is perfect for quick snacks and informal evenings, while the Neapolitan round pizza is an authentic culinary experience that is worth trying at least once in your life.

Then, dear friends who love pizza, don't choose between pizza by the slice and round pizza. Enjoy both and experience the culinary pleasures that both varieties can offer. Pizza is a passion that unites people, regardless of the shape it takes on your table. Bon Appetite!


Silvio Cicchi

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The most original and delicious pizza toppings

The most original and delicious pizza toppings

The most original and delicious pizza toppings. Dear pizza lovers, you are ready for a culinary adventure? Welcome to our world of original and delicious pizza toppings! We are excited to share with you some of the most incredible and out-of-the-ordinary combinations that make pizza a true work of culinary art.. Then, put on your apron and get ready to discover a world of extraordinary flavours!

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most loved dishes in the world. With its crunchy base and delicious melted cheese, its charm is difficult to resist. But the wonderful thing about pizza is that the topping possibilities are practically endless. From the traditional Margherita to the more daring combinations, there is a pizza for all tastes. Then, without further ado, Let's explore together some of the most original and delicious pizza toppings!

The Classic Margherita: Let's start with the timeless classic, Margherita pizza. This Italian delight is simple but perfect, with a tomato base, fresh mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil. It is the ideal choice for those who love the traditional flavor of pizza.

Pizza with Ham and Arugula: If you want a touch of elegance in your pizza, try this irresistible combination. The tomato and mozzarella base is enriched with slices of raw ham and a generous portion of fresh rocket. The contrast between the saltiness of the ham and the freshness of the rocket is simply perfect.

Pizza with mushrooms: Mushroom lovers won't be able to resist this delight. Mushroom pizza is covered with a variety of fresh mushrooms, like champignons and porcini mushrooms, which give an earthy and enveloping flavour. A sprinkle of fresh parsley completes the dish.

Pesto Pizza: For a pizza with a unique flavour, opt for the one with pesto. The tomato base is replaced by a creamy basil pesto, and then covered with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. The result is a pizza with a fresh and aromatic taste.

Hawaiian Pizza: If you love the sweet-savory contrast, Hawaiian pizza is the perfect choice. With slices of sweet pineapple and cooked ham, this pizza is an explosion of tropical flavors. The melted mozzarella adds just the right amount of creaminess.

Gorgonzola and Walnut Pizza: Cheese lovers will appreciate this bold creation. The pizza is topped with creamy gorgonzola and toasted walnuts, which blend into a harmony of intense flavours. A sprinkle of honey can add a touch of sweetness if desired.

Smoked Salmon Pizza: If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated pizza, try the smoked salmon one. A cream cheese base is enriched with slices of smoked salmon, red onion and capers. It is a perfect dish for a special occasion.

Pizza al Curry: We leave Italy for a moment and head towards India with a curry pizza. A tomato base is topped with a spicy curry sauce, cooked chicken cubes and fresh vegetables. It's a surprisingly delicious combination.

Chocolate and Fruit Pizza: And now, a sweet touch for those who love dessert. Chocolate pizza is an indulgent treat. A melted chocolate base is decorated with fresh strawberries, bananas and a sprinkling of icing sugar. An amazing way to end the meal.

Pizza Vegan: For our vegan friends, we don't forget you! Vegan pizza can be just as tasty and creative. A tomato or vegan cream base is enriched with a variety of vegetables, tofu marinato, and vegan cheese. It's a delicious and cruelty-free option.

Now that you have explored some of the most original and delicious pizza toppings, you might be inspired to experiment in the kitchen. Perfecting the art of pizza takes practice and dedication, but the result is always gratifying. If you are truly passionate about pizza and want to become true masters in the preparation, considerate the opportunity to enroll in our pizza chef courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school. Learn from the expert hands of master pizza chefs and discover all the secrets to creating the perfect pizza!

What are you waiting for? Grab your ingredients and start experimenting with these delicious pizza toppings. Whether you are traditionalists or bold experimenters, there is a pizza for all tastes. Bon appetit and good cooking!


Silvio Cicchi

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The Perfect Pizza Mistakes to Avoid

The Perfect Pizza Mistakes to Avoid for a Delicious Evening

The Perfect Pizza: Mistakes to Avoid for a Delicious Evening. Dear pizza lovers,

Who can resist the irresistible aroma of a freshly baked pizza?, with the cheese melting and the tomato squirting flavor into every bite? Pizza is a classic dish loved by everyone, but often, when we try to replicate it at home or when we order it in a pizzeria, we come across some errors that can ruin the experience. Present Day, we want to share with you the secrets to avoid these common mistakes and create the perfect pizza.

  1. The Choice of Ingredients

The basis of an extraordinary pizza is the quality of the ingredients. Always use fresh, top-quality ingredients. The tomato must be ripe, the cheeses must be of excellent quality and the additional ingredients should be fresh and well prepared. Avoid cheap or low-quality ingredients, as they will greatly influence the final flavor of your pizza.

  1. The Perfect Pasta

Pizza starts with the base, or pasta. Preparing it at home can be fun and rewarding, but it is essential to follow some rules. Use high quality flour, water, yeast and salt for your dough. Mix well, let it rise slowly and roll out the dough evenly. The dough should not be too thin or too thick. Find your ideal balance to obtain a perfect base.

  1. The sauce

Tomato sauce is the heart of a good pizza. Avoid ready-made sauces and prepare a simple but delicious sauce with ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil. Cook it slowly to concentrate the flavors and apply it evenly to the base. Don't overdo it with the quantity; a light layer will be sufficient to guarantee a balanced flavour.

  1. The Quantity of Cheese

Cheese is one of the most loved ingredients on pizza, but it is essential not to overdo it. Too much cheese can make the pizza heavy and cover the flavor of the other ingredients. Use a moderate amount and spread it evenly over the pizza. Choose cheeses that blend well, like buffalo mozzarella or provola, to get that delicious cheesy drizzle we all love.

  1. Oven Temperature

Cooking pizza requires the right oven temperature. Make sure your oven is well pre-heated to a high temperature, ideal between 220°C and 260°C. This will ensure even cooking and a crispy base. If you cook pizza on a baking stone, even better, as it will give the base a rustic texture.

  1. Attention to Cooking Times

Another common mistake is cooking pizza too long or too little. Check your oven and your pizza carefully during cooking. A typical pizza should cook between 10 e i 15 minutes, but times may vary depending on size and ingredients. The pizza is ready when the edge is golden and crunchy, and the cheese is melted and lightly browned.

  1. Creativity with Ingredients

Don't be afraid to experiment with the ingredients on your pizza. Pizza is a versatile dish that can accommodate a variety of tastes. In addition to the classic daisy, try combinations of ingredients that inspire you. Eg, add ham and rocket after cooking for a gourmet pizza or black olives and chilli pepper for a spicier pizza.

  1. Love and Passion

At Last, but no less important, put love and passion into your pizza. Making pizza should be a fun and satisfying experience. Involve family or friends in the preparation and share the meal together. The love you put into your pizza will be felt in the final flavour.

Now that you have learned how to avoid common pizza making mistakes, We can't wait to see your culinary creations. And if you really want to become true master pizza chefs, we invite you to sign up for our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school. It will be an amazing opportunity to hone your skills and learn from the best.

The perfect pizza is at your fingertips, and now you have all the tricks needed to create it. Put these tips into practice and surprise yourself with the results. Bon Appetite!

Sign up for our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school.

We invite you to sign up for our pizza maker courses held by the famous pizza chef Silvio Cicchi at our pizza school. It will be a unique opportunity to hone your culinary skills and learn the secrets of preparing the perfect pizza. Don't miss this opportunity to become true pizza masters!

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Learn How to Make the Perfect Pizza by Following These Simple Steps

Learn How to Make the Perfect Pizza by Following These Simple Steps

Learn How to Make the Perfect Pizza by Following These Simple Steps. Dear pizza lovers,

Who can resist the inviting scent of a freshly baked pizza?? Pizza is one of the most loved dishes in the world, and making your own pizza at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we'll walk you through the basic steps to creating the perfect pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen. But don't stop there! If you want to deepen your passion for pizza, sign up for our pizza chef courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi Pizza School.

Step 1: The ingredients

The basis for every great pizza is the choice of high quality ingredients. Start with a good pizza dough base. You can buy ready-made pasta or make it from scratch. Our Silvio Cicchi Pizza School offers courses that will teach you how to prepare the perfect dough.

Now, choose your favorite sauce. Tomato sauce is the classic choice, but you can experiment with alternatives like barbecue sauce or pesto cream. Add fresh mozzarella and other cheeses to taste. Try it with cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano or gorgonzola for a touch of unique flavor.

For a complete pizza, don't forget the topping ingredients. The options are endless! You can add ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, olive, onions, fresh tomatoes or any other ingredient you like. Remember that balance is key: don't overdo it with the toppings to avoid weighing down the pizza.

Step 2: The Preparation

Before starting to work with the dough, make sure you have a clean and lightly floured work surface. Roll the dough into an even circle using your hands or a rolling pin. The objective is to obtain a uniform thickness over the entire surface.

Transfer the pizza base to the baking tray, making sure it is completely covered in olive oil or flour to prevent it from sticking during cooking. This is the time to add your favorite sauce and ingredients. Remember to distribute them evenly over the surface.

Step 3: Cooking

Preheat the oven to the highest temperature possible. An exceptional pizza requires rapid cooking at high temperatures. Ideally, you should cook the pizza on a hot baking stone to get a crispy and flavorful crust. If you don't have a baking stone, use a regular baking tray.

Place the pizza in the hot oven and let it cook for approximately 10-12 minutes, or until the crust is golden and the cheeses are nice and melted. Monitor cooking carefully to avoid burning the pizza.

Step 4: The presentation

Once your pizza is ready, carefully remove the pan from the oven. Let it cool for a few minutes before cutting it. This will help stabilize the flavors and make the pizza easier to eat.

Cut the pizza into generous slices and serve hot. Add a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a handful of fresh basil for a touch of freshness.

Step 5: Experiment and have fun!

Now that you have learned how to make the perfect pizza by following these simple steps, Don't be afraid to experiment. Create different combinations of ingredients to suit the tastes of family and friends. Pizza is an ever-evolving work of culinary art, and the possibilities are endless.

If you have developed a real passion for pizza during this process, we recommend that you subscribe to our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi Pizza School. Our expert instructors will share the secrets of professional pizza making with you and guide you in creating gourmet pizzas.

Silvio Cicchi's Pizza School is the ideal place for those who want to become an expert pizza chef. You will learn traditional and innovative techniques to create the most delicious and creative pizzas.


Making the perfect pizza can seem like an art, but with passion, patience and practice, anyone can become an exceptional pizza chef. Follow our steps, experiment with the ingredients and don't forget to sign up for our pizza chef courses in our Silvio Cicchi's Pizza School to become a pizza master. Bon appetit and happy cooking!

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Fresh Yeast vs. Which dry yeast to choose for your pizza

Fresh Yeast vs. Which dry yeast to choose for your pizza

Fresh Yeast vs. Which dry yeast to choose for your pizza. Dear pizza lovers,

If there's one thing we can all agree on, is that pizza is one of the most delicious culinary creations in the world. But when it comes to making the perfect pizza at home, One of the most important choices you have to make concerns the type of yeast to use. Present Day, we will explore the big question: fresh yeast vs. dry yeast. Which one should you choose for your pizza? Sit down, relax and prepare to discover everything you need to know!

The Magic of Yeast in Pizza

Before we get into the comparison between fresh yeast and dry yeast, we must understand the importance of yeast in the preparation of pizza. Yeast is the magic ingredient that gives pizza its lightness and soft texture. When the yeast comes into contact with the sugars present in the dough, starts to ferment, producing carbon dioxide which makes the dough rise. The result? A golden crust, soft and fragrant that we all love.

Fresh yeast: The Classic of Tradition

Fresh yeast, also known as brewer's yeast, it has long been a favorite in making traditional pizza. It has a soft consistency and is sold in the form of cubes or bricks. To use it, you have to dissolve the fresh yeast in a while’ of warm water and wait for it to become active, before adding it to the pizza dough.

One of the reasons fresh yeast is so loved is its flavor. Adds a slightly malty flavor to the dough, which many find irresistible. In addition to, the fresh yeast helps to create a crust that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, a perfect combination for an authentic pizza.

Dry yeast: The Practical Choice

On the other hand, Dry yeast has become increasingly popular due to its convenience. It is sold in small packets or sachets and has a longer shelf life than fresh yeast. You can easily store it in the pantry without worrying about it deteriorating.

To use dry yeast, you simply mix it with the flour into the dry dough and then add the water. There is no need to wait for the yeast to activate like with fresh yeast, which makes the pizza making process faster.

The challenge: Which is Best for Your Pizza?

Now that we have looked at the main characteristics of both types of yeast, the question remains: which one to choose for your pizza? The answer largely depends on your personal preferences and needs.

If you love tradition and want to get an authentic flavor, fresh yeast may be the best choice for you. Its unique flavor and ability to create a traditional crust will make you feel like you're in a first-class Italian pizzeria.

If you are looking for practicality, dry yeast might be the right choice. It is easy to store, it has a longer shelf life and simplifies the preparation process. If you want to make a pizza quickly without too many frills, dry yeast is a sensible choice.

Advice from the Experts

However, Here's our expert advice: experience both. The beauty of making pizza at home is the ability to customize every detail. Try making two identical pizzas, one with fresh yeast and one with dry yeast, and compare the result. Ask your friends and family which one they prefer.

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In conclusion, Choosing between fresh yeast and dry yeast for your pizza depends on your personal preferences and needs. Both types of yeast can make delicious pizzas, each with its own unique characteristics.

Don't forget that, regardless of the type of yeast you choose, passion is the secret ingredient for an extraordinary pizza. Experiment, have fun and don't hesitate to sign up for our pizza maker courses at Silvio Cicchi's Scuola della Pizza to take your skill to the next level. Bon appetit and happy cooking!


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Il Segreto per una Pizza Fragrante e Croccante Scopri l'Importanza della Giusta Farina

The Secret for a Fragrant and Crunchy Pizza Discover the Importance of the Right Flour

The Secret for a Fragrant and Crunchy Pizza Discover the Importance of the Right Flour. Dear pizza lovers and aspiring pizza makers, today we are going into the heart of preparing an irresistibly fragrant and crunchy pizza: choosing the right flour. If you've ever wanted to replicate the experience of an authentic pizzeria in your own kitchen, then it is crucial to understand the importance of this essential ingredient.

The Base of All Bases: The Flour for Pizza

When it comes to making a memorable pizza, it all starts with the base. And the basis of an extraordinary pizza is the right flour. The choice of flour is not just a matter of taste, but it also affects the texture of the crust and the reaction during cooking.

Types of Flour for Pizza: The Subtle Difference

There are various types of flour available in the market, but for the pizza, we tend to prefer those with a medium-high protein content. The amount of protein affects the formation of gluten, which in turn determines the consistency of the dough. High-protein flours are ideal for pizzas with thick, fluffy crusts, while those with less protein are perfect for thin and crunchy crusts.

flour type “0”: The Traditional Choice

Flour “type 0” is a classic in the art of Italian pizza. This flour is characterized by a moderate protein content, ideal for creating a thin and crispy crust. It is the preferred choice for Neapolitan pizza, where the crust must be light but resistant, with controlled leavening. This flour guarantees a delicate texture that melts in the mouth.

Wholemeal flour: A Healthy Choice

If you are leaning towards healthier pizza, whole wheat flour could be your solution. It preserves the whole grain of wheat, offering more fiber and nutrients than traditional white flour. However, keep in mind that whole-wheat flour can make the dough heavier and affect the crunchiness of the crust. A mix of wholemeal flour and “type 0” it could be a perfect compromise between health and taste.

Semolina flour: For an Extra Crunchy Crust

If you are looking for an extraordinarily crust crisp, semolina flour could be the answer. This flour is made from durum wheat and is coarser than traditional flour. It is often used in Italian cooking to make pasta, but it can also be a secret ingredient for a crispy, golden crust. Semolina flour can take a while’ more hydration than other flours, so be sure to adjust the amount of water accordingly.

Experiments and Awareness: Find Your Perfect Flour

Choosing the right flour is a process of experiment and discovery. Every pizza maker has their own preferences and unique style. We recommend trying different flours and making small changes in hydration and rising times to find the combination that suits your tastes.

Pizzaiolo Courses: A World of Knowledge from Silvio Cicchi's School of Pizza

If you want to learn more about the choice of flour and all the other secrets that make a pizza extraordinary, We invite you to enroll in our pizza maker courses that we organize in our Silvio Cicchi pizza school. We share years of experience in the culinary field and are eager to guide you through the path to pizza perfection.

In summary, the right flour is the secret behind a fragrant and crunchy pizza. Choosing the right flour allows you to create a crust that will please your senses and leave your palate craving for more. Then, next time you get ready to make your own homemade pizza, take your time to choose the flour that will take your dish to the next level. And if you wish to deepen your cooking skills, subscribe to ours courses pizzaiolo in Silvio Cicchi's school of pizza. Happy mixing everyone!

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