how to cook mushrooms for pizza

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza. Mushrooms are a very popular ingredient for pizza, both for their taste and for their nutritional value.

However, cooking mushrooms so they're perfectly pizza-ready can take a while’ Practice. Here are some tips for cooking mushrooms for pizza in order to obtain the maximum result.

Fast and just enough

First of all, choosing the right mushrooms is very important. If you want mushrooms to be the star of your pizza, then you should choose porcini mushrooms or button mushrooms.

Both have an intense flavor and are very tasty, which makes them perfect for pizza. If instead you want the mushrooms to be just an accompanying ingredient, then you can also choose other types of mushrooms, like mushrooms shitake or mushrooms oyster.

How to Cook Mushrooms for Pizza

Once you have chosen the mushrooms, it is important to clean them thoroughly. To do this, just use a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush to remove any traces of earth or other residues. It is not necessary to wash the mushrooms under water, as they may absorb it and become soggy.

Once cleaned, mushrooms should be cut into thin slices. If you use the porcini mushrooms i Champignon mushrooms, it is advisable to remove the stem, since it may be a bit’ stand. In addition to, it is important to cut the mushrooms into thin slices so that they cook evenly on the pizza.

Mushrooms in the pan

Once cut, the mushrooms are put in a pan with a little’ of olive oil and a clove of minced garlic. It is important to cook them on medium heat, mixing them often, until they become tender and golden.

At this point, they can be added spices to taste, like thyme or rosemary, to give a little’ of extra flavor to the mushrooms.

Notes on conservation

Once cooked, i funghi they should be left to cool slightly before being added to the pizza. It is important that they are not too hot otherwise they could make the mozzarella melt too quickly.

Once the pizza is ready to be baked, just add the mushrooms on top of the sauce and mozzarella, and then bake as usual.


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