How To Make Garlic Powder

How To Make Garlic Powder

How To Make Garlic Powder. Very easy to prepare and easy to store, In some countries the garlic in powder it is widely used, this happens when it is difficult to find. In Italy, as well as throughout the Mediterranean area, it is possible to find fresh garlic practically everywhere.

To preserve it well, it is possible to reduce it to granular form, so you can easily add it to your dishes. Now we explain the various stages of the preparation.

Quick to Prepare and Perfectly Preserved

We come to the Ingredients, I am alone due. Garlic and salt. A pound of garlic and 40 grams of salt. Scamiciate the garlic cloves, pour into the blender with the salt, Knock down the garlic smoothie on parchment paper and leave to dry in the sun, or in the oven a 80 degrees.

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How To Make Garlic Powder

Conclusions on garlic powder

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