Digest the pizza


Digest the pizza?

It all depends on the degree of maturation dough

Last night we went out for pizza, tonight I have not slept a wink, I could not digest. How many of us, alas, were found in this situation, or has heard someone complaining that way?

The pizza arrived digestible maturity
Dough come to maturity.

Digest the pizza? Everything depends on the degree of maturation of the dough

The rise is one of the most important steps in the preparation process of 'pizza dough or any product from leavened bakery. We all know what the leavening: The mixture begins to swell, increases in volume, the same leavening continues even during the process of Cooking, forming on the inside of the bubbles that make our pizza lighter.

What influences the leavening?

  • temperature
  • THE rising time
  • The salt
  • The water

Without this premise on rising, let's dispel a common Taboo: The Digestibility of a pizza, not dependent on the leavening, but another important process, which is called Maturation.

Aging: The flour is mainly composed of starch, which are complex sugars. At the contact with the water, enzymes of the flour are activated by attacking starches and reducing them to simple sugars: will serve as food for the yeast and will be more easily assimilated by our body. The combination of flour and water also develops the gluten, ie the protein network that serves to give structure to the dough. The reticle is attacked by other enzymes which have the function of transforming the proteins into amino acids, easier to digest. So our pizza will prove to be well digested when our digestive system will find the dough cooked simple elements that have already been treated and reduced by enzimi.Tutto this process is called Maturation.

Conclusion: Any kind of dough is prepared by placing the right amount of yeast, giving it the right time of rest to allow the maturation of work properly.

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