spelled flour

Spelt flour the Super Cereal

Spelt flour is obtained by grinding grain of Triticum spelta(farro more), triticum dicoccum(farro medium similar to wheat) o triticum monococcum(einkorn). E’ a cereal very durable, He can grow on poor soils, also in a harsh climate, where durum wheat can not grow.

spelled flour
spelled flour

Spelt flour in history

Spelt is the oldest varieties of cereal cultivated and consumed by humans since the Neolithic times. Still it is used in the production of pasta and bread. The spelled bread is similar to white, but with a much more intense aroma. The diet based on products derived from barley is very suitable for those who do not digest well bread or pasta made from durum wheat flour or, but spelled flour is not absolutely indicated for celiac subjects.

spelled flour
spelled flour

Spelled flour nutritional analysis

Spelt has a reduced caloric intake, only 335 kcal per 100 grams of product.
Rich in protein, 15,1 grams / 100 grams of flour, B vitamins, Methionine, cysteine, lecithin, taurine and other phospholipids.
Spelt flour
After threshing, the grain of farro maintains a sort of peel that remains attached to the seed, free nutritional properties. For this reason, following the threshing the grain of spelled can not be directly processed into flour without that occurs before the passage of decortication. This explains why the cost of spelled flour is significantly higher compared to wheat flour also of 3 the 4 times.
In the market there are two types of barley: the hulled and pearled. Hulled type that is subjected to the process of decortication mentioned earlier, It retains pericapo, part of it very rich in fiber, pearl barley in the pericapo the grain is removed. Facing a possible choice, Hulled barley is preferable just because richer in fiber. The pearl barley is still very used because it cooks in less time and the flour produced from it is more clear and less rich in fiber.

spelled flour
Focaccia with spelled flour

Spelled flour: uses

The spelled flour is widely used for the production of sweets, bread and pasta. Baked goods made with spelled flour, are preferable to those of wheat, since they are more aromatic and even more good. Due to the high fiber content, Products made with this flour regularize the intestinal transit, producing a mild laxative effect. The fibers are made of cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose and other properties nutritional void, the fact remains, that the fibers are very important for the body. In fact, our stomach, the fibers of spelled flour swell, and that is why we also have properties satiating.
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spelled flour
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