The Colors In Catering

The Colors In Catering

The Colors In Catering. Did you know that you can influence your customers' choices using the color matching techniques? Do Not? If you were not aware of this technique, Read this article carefully!!

Here's how the colors can stimulate emotions:

E’ Everyone knows that the decisions we make from time to time are affected by our mood.

We're not talking about absolutely magic, but the popular theory of colors.

scientifically, the color visual processing is generated by nerve impulses carried by the brain and is able to generate emotions.

This causes the color turns into feeling that influence people's choices (clients). At this point we have everything we need to influence the choices of our guests in a pizzeria. Prepare your palette and your colors, we're going to influence your customers!!

The Colors In Catering
How to influence customers' choices with colors

The Colors In Catering

A recent study of “Cornell University” He has shown that people eat 22% more food if the plates are color-matched to the dishes.

Do you think that all of this was already known in 1865, discovered by the Belgian scientist Delboeuf, effect known as Delboeff Illusion.

Subsequent experiments in 2006 made by scientists Brian Waninsk and Koert van Ittersum found that, if the spaghetti al pomodoro (rossi) They were served on red plates, the diners were eating in larger amounts than the same spaghetti served on white plates.

unbelievable!!! Do you have trouble making your kids eat vegetables? Fawning on a green plate, and immediately you notice the difference.

Do you want to organize a dinner for friends based green ravioli with spinach? Serve them on the green plates, and for sure all of your guests will ask you for an encore!

The Colors In Catering
colorful vegetables

The Colors In Catering

Before you start to get your teeth into!

There are foods that have always been part of our culture and influence our taste buds with their color.

  • Rosso: The red color is instinctively associated with sweet and passion, It is a fantastic stimulating our appetite. Know that A plate of red color will always be a success guaranteed one hundred percent.
  • Yellow: The yellow color is associated immediately with the acidic flavor of lemon and apples are also. Caution, It is absolutely used sparingly.
  • Verde: The green color with a sense of naturalness, It reminds us of the earth. For millennia the vegetables were the only foods that have been nurtured man. A touch of green to your dishes will create a sense of trust, so always remember to add leaves of green to your dishes, like basil, fresh parsley or arugula.
  • Viola, Brown, Nero: These colors are instinctively connected to rotten food, or to the fruits (berries) of poisonous plants. Already in prehistory primitive men avoided the. If you cook a great steak (Brown) tries to serve on a colored base, maybe with colorful flowers field. It will be perceived as more than good served without the use of “colors”.
  • Blu: Pay close attention to the blue, it is known that this color is a strong appetite-suppressant. All those who are dieting are fully aware. It is known that the food dye blue or whitewash the walls of its kitchen blue, inevitably leads to decrease the feeling of hunger. Because?? Simple, in nature there is almost nothing to eat the blue color, accordingly it is instinctively refused.
The Colors In Catering
The Colors In Catering

And the walls of your restaurant or pizzeria, what color should be?

The environment where you sit the customers is important for you to generate a series of reactions.

  • Cheerfulness and appetite: As you may have noticed the yellow color is the one that prevails in fast food, It is usually associated with the red. Yellow = joyful atmosphere, and red = fast. This combination makes our customers feel in a joyful and friendly atmosphere, but to consume the meal in a hurry to leave the empty seat to other customers.
  • gourmet cooking: Blue is the color of elegance, all cold color gradations create an opposite effect to yellow, giving an elegant and distinguished atmosphere, but, as suggested above, reduce the feeling of hunger. E’ the ideal color for those that do nouvelle cuisine with their mini portions, but, often not even satiate hunger.
  • Temptation and innocence: White is the color of innocence, It is a neutral color, so the brain communicates that everything can be eaten without any side effects. E’ Also the color of the tease, those who do not have the temptation to cut a strip of white bread or focaccia to whet your appetite? well yes, white is the color that should be combined with bar serving aperitifs, everything should be served on white plates candid. Result….always hungry customers who order continuously other things.
The Colors In Catering
colorful vegetables

In conclusion, you'll definitely understood by reading this post what is important color for your business. Do you feel ready to start with the experiments?

Grow your business and helping you with the colors….let me know, leaving a comment, if it is working.

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