The flour Soy Pizzeria

The flour Soy Pizzeria

The flour Soy Pizzeria. The soy flour is obtained from the processing of the soy plant. This product contains no gluten so it is suitable for those who follow a particular diet as celiacs. Really good for those who follow a vegetarian diet, rich in proteins, excellent for making bread, pizza and cakes mixed in small percentages to wheat flour.

E’ obtained by grinding the soybeans, It belongs to the family of “legumes”, originates from China where it already 5000 years ago it was cultivated for human consumption. Soybeans together with rice, barley, millet and wheat is a valuable and essential plant.

The flour Soy Pizzeria
The flour Soy Pizzeria

In the present day there are different varieties, among the most common is that red, yellow and green, used both to feed humans and as feed for animals.

Compared to common bean flour, soy flour contains starch in minor amounts, This makes it much easier to digest.

All people with diabetes are very familiar with the benefits of this plant, You think its glycemic index is 25, while that for wheat flour arrives in 85. Rich in proteins, It presents a composition of essential amino acids complete than other legumes.

Exactly for this reason, the soybean is also called by the name of vegetal meat.

The flour Soy Pizzeria
The flour Soy Pizzeria

The flour Soy Pizzeria

The soy flour is very suitable for the preparation of pizzas, buns, bread, confectionery, biscuits and cakes.

In pizzeria are many of my colleagues pizza dough that add to each a small percentage of soy flour.

The percentage varies from a 10% until you get to a 15-20% added to wheat flour.

When we add the soy flour at our dough, we must take account of 2 very important factors:

The soybean has a high content of protein, so beware the leavening, needs a long rising in a refrigerator that depending on the percentage of added soy, It can reach up to 48-60 hours of leavening, see for example the type pizza “Romanian Pinsa”. Another factor to which we must pay close attention to is that the soybean meal during cooking darkens much more compared to other cereal flours.

The flour Soy Pizzeria
The flour Soy Pizzeria

The flour Soy Pizzeria


The addition of soy flour to the dough for pizza is perfect for those who are already used to working with long rising in the fridge, but absolutely not recommended for all those who prepare the pizza on Sunday in only a few hours at the delicate stage of leavening. A mixture with addition of soya flour that is highly protein will never reach maturation in two hours.

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If you want to learn more about soy, please click this link wikipedia.

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  1. Being intolerant to wheat and rice which other flour can mix the soy to make pizza dough? The corn might be fine? Soy flour can also be used alone to make the dough?

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