The latest culinary trends for pizza

The latest culinary trends for pizza

The latest culinary trends for pizza


  1. Gourmet pizzas with unusual ingredients
  2. Slow fermented pizzas
  3. Neapolitan pizza revisited
  4. Vegan and vegetarian pizzas
  5. Pizzas with stuffed crust
  6. Roman sliced ​​pizza
  7. Gluten-free pizzas
  8. Pizzas cooked in a wood oven
  9. Pizza come dessert
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1 Gourmet pizzas with unusual ingredients

The gourmet pizzas are made with unusual and high quality ingredients, like truffle, smoked salmon, burrata e speck. These flavor combinations offer a unique and sophisticated dining experience.

  1. Slow fermented pizzas

Slow fermentation allows the dough to develop a richer flavor and a lighter, more digestible texture. The process can last from 24 a 72 hours, and the result is a crunchy and tasty base.

  1. Neapolitan pizza revisited

Neapolitan pizza is one of the most famous in the world, but pizza makers are experimenting with new variations, such as adding spicy sausage, porcini mushrooms, and smoked provola, always maintaining the basic characteristics of Neapolitan pizza.

  1. Vegan and vegetarian pizzas

Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are gaining more and more popularity. Pizza makers use ingredients such as vegan mozzarella, grilled vegetables, tofu, tempeh and seitan to create delicious and nutritious pizzas.

  1. Pizzas with stuffed crust

The stuffed crust offers a tasty surprise and adds a touch of creativity to the pizza. The most popular variations include cheese filled crusts, salami and vegetables.

  1. Roman sliced ​​pizza

Roman pizza by the slice is characterized by a thick and crunchy base, baked on a pan. It is sold by weight and can be customized with a variety of ingredients.

  1. Gluten-free pizzas

The pizzas without gluten they are ideal for those with intolerances or who follow a specific diet. Gluten-free doughs are made with alternative flours such as rice, buckwheat and amaranth, offering a tasty and light pizza.

  1. Pizzas cooked in a wood oven

Cooking in a wood oven gives the pizza an unmistakable flavour, thanks to the intense heat and the open flame. This cooking method is particularly suitable for pizzas with fresh and tasty ingredients.

  1. Pizza come dessert

Sweet pizzas are becoming increasingly popular and include ingredients like Nutella, fresh fruit, jam and caramel. These pizzas offer an alternative and delicious dessert.

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