Pizza al forno a legna l'arte della cottura perfetta

Wood-fired pizza the art of perfect cooking

Wood-fired pizza the art of perfect cooking. The wood-fired pizza is a real treat culinary art that requires years of experience and craftsmanship to master.

The wood oven, that uses quality wood for heating, creates a warm, humid environment that helps cook pizza evenly and tasty.

Unique and inimitable flavour

The intense heat and humid environment make the crust crunchy and the filling soft and tasty, giving the pizza a unique and inimitable flavour.

Pizza making is a crucial part of the cooking process. The choice of ingredients, the leavening of the dough and its shape are all factors that influence the final result.

Wood-fired pizza the art of perfect cooking

The throwing technique, or how to throw the pizza in the oven, it is another important aspect to obtain perfect cooking.

The cooking time varies according to the type of pizza and the size, but in general the pizza al wood stove it is cooked in less than two minutes.

Visual experience

Wood-fired pizza is not just a tasty dish, but also a visual experience. The sight of fire burning in the oven and the sight of the pizza being cooked before your eyes are a real feast for the eyes.

Present Day, wood-fired oven pizza is highly appreciated all over the world and represents a globally recognized culinary art.

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