Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish

Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish

Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish. Cuttlefish stewed with potatoes that are cooked in our country, They are often served together with a simple bruschetta, only with oil and salt.

It is from here that was born the idea to prepare a pizza that would be a flat to keep cuttlefish that have the same consistency of boiled potatoes, and at the same time as bruschetta coupled to the plate.

The preparation is divided in two parts:

The preparation of cuttlefish with potatoes

and the subsequent preparation of pizza.

Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish

The first thing to do will be to prepare cuttlefish with potatoes.

Then we prepare the dough with a medium strength flour and let rise in 3 degrees for at least 24 hours.

After the rising phase, Roll out the pizza.


Add a light layer of tomato, the cuttlefish into strips with the potatoes, an extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and forth in our pizza oven at a temperature of 300 degrees abundant.

After about three minutes your pizza will be ready.

Add two leaves of fresh basil and serve while still hot to your guests.

Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish
Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish

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In the following video you will see Chef S.Cicchi while preparing pizza with squid and potatoes.


Pizza with potatoes and cuttlefish

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