Use the Yeast in an alternative way at home

Use the Yeast in an alternative way at home

Use the Yeast in an alternative way at home. Today we see some alternative ways to use brewer's yeast in our home. When we think of the yeast, immediately imagine bread, pizza and savory pies, but our yeast can be used in other alternative ways.

It is available in the supermarket in the dry version in sachets, or in the classic fresh loaves. If you notice that it is approaching its deadline, I suggest you use it in these alternative ways.

Alternative uses of brewer's yeast

It is a fantastic fertilizer when used to fertilize our seedlings. Just dilute a teaspoon of yeast in a container with three liters of water and we can use it to fertilize our plants.

Brewer's yeast is also a detoxifier for our body. Cleanse the liver, stimulates hair growth, it is also used to fight pimples and acne.

Use the Yeast in an alternative way at home

Have you ever used yeast to remove stains from clothes? It is really great. Perfect for solving the problem of yellowed garments, pour a little’ of yeast in a basin, mix it with water and leave your clothes to soak overnight, then rinse them well.

One last tip. If your washing machine smells bad or smells like mold, do a wash with a sachet of yeast and a little’ of vinegar and everything will scent again.

Conclusions on brewer's yeast.

Given the many uses we can do with yeast, it's worth buying a stock to never miss it.

Brewer's yeast is also used for winemaking and for the production of beers.


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Silvio Cicchi