savory croissants recipe

How to Make Croissants Filled with Salted Dough Pizza

In recent years, an aperitif in the bar has become a habit, sometimes this rite replaces even dinner. We find so many things to try on the counters of bars that invariably end up with the '' stuff ourselves " . Among the many different appetizers that are proposed, are almost always savory croissants filled with a multitude of different ingredients. These mini savory croissants can be made with puff pastry, or as in our recipe, using the dough with which we usually do pizza.

savory croissants
Savory croissants

How to Make Croissants Filled with Salted Dough Pizza

Prepare home, for our guests the croissants savory stuffed, made with the dough for pizza is a very simple operation, its preparation requires only a few minutes.

Ingredients to obtain 32 croissants savory small.:

Flour type "0" 625 grams

Warm water 325 grams

Sale 15 grams

Brewer's yeast 2 grams

Sugar spoon.

Dissolve the yeast in crumbs with sugar, add the flour and begin to knead. After a few minutes add the salt.

When the mixture is compact and does not stick to your hands more, dividetelo in 4 balls.

Cover them well and let rise for about an hour, in a house not exposed to drafts, a good place to let it rest to rise, could be inside the oven off, with the little light on who will provide the right heat for perfect leavening.

After the time necessary for leavening, helping with the rolling pin leveled the 4 balls to obtain 4 discs of dough by the diameter of 28 cm.

Cut the dough into disks 8 cloves each as shown below.

savory croissants
The recipe for making savory croissants

Stuffed triangles made with ingredients to your liking.

savory croissants
The filling of the savory croissants

Roll up the croissants and arrange on a baking container.

savory croissants
Roll up the croissant
savory croissants
Add oil and sesame seeds
savory croissants recipe
Arrange the croissants on a container for microwave

Let rise for other 30 minutes and bake in oven 200 degrees previously heated for 20 minutes or until the surface will be perfectly golden.

savory croissants recipe
Stuffed croissants

Using the dough for pizza for our savory croissants, get a perfect product to be consumed even the next day.

savory croissants
Delicious croissants stuffed with ham and cheese

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