Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil. From green to pale yellow, the fresh taste reminiscent fruit and vegetables, spicy, sweet or bitter, strong or mild, its taste is pretty much determined by several natural and environmental factors.

This diversity of aromas, It makes olive oil perfect for any type of cuisine. The peoples of southern Europe, early adopters, They held the record of the lower rate of cardiovascular disease by practicing the Mediterranean diet.

Features Olive Oil
Features Olive Oil

The oil is distinguished in 3 main categories according to the degree of acidity and its purity:

Features Olive Oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil

The only vegetable oil obtained at the push, without any manipulation and without chemical additives. EAKD contains vitamins which have antioxidant properties and protective effect on cells. Acidity level below 1%.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

As the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not refined and has a degree of acidity equal to approximately 2%

  • Olive oil

E’ It composed of refined olive oil to which is added virgin olive oil to improve the taste. It has a degree of acidity of the maximum 1,5%.

  • Sansa oil

E’ Consisting of the pomace(processing residues from which oil is extracted through a chemical process)to which is added extra virgin olive oil in a non-clearly indicated.

Features Olive Oil
Features Olive Oil

Features Olive Oil

E’ Composed primarily of fatty acids momoinsaturi, Polyphenols, vitamina E e betacarotene. The constant use favors a lowering of bad LDL cholesterol and raising the good HDL of helping prevent cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis.

For pizza only used Extra virgin olive oil.

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