Wanted Staff For Summer Season

Wanted Staff For Summer Season

Wanted Staff For Summer Season. I've been on television every night for about three months talk show entirely dedicated to the topic of personnel research.

Unfortunately, these bad TV shows are run by people who don't know this industry at all, you see the reporters earning the best of monthly salaries.

But it's all true?

Often the other party is never invited to these ridiculous TV shows, that is, who is really looking for work.

Sometimes I see some trade unionists, but alas, has never really worked or has never worried about looking for a seasonal job in his life.

Wanted Staff For Summer Season

How things really are? The writer has a very long experience of use in the summer seasons, I come from a place that thrives on tourism, so as not to bore you I will not go any further.

This morning I took a tour to visit old friends among the hundreds of hotels, restaurants pizzerias, chalet etc.. I just wanted to find out what the truth is.


The best places, who are the ones who pay well have no staff problems. On the other hand, those with skimpy salaries find it more difficult to find staff.

Then there are those who offer work for just over a month, that is, July and August which are in difficulty. It is clear that two months of work are not enough for a boy looking for a seasonal job to make ends meet.

Staff Wanted For Summer Season2
Wanted Staff For Summer Season

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Given my no longer young age, I have many seasons in my memories, I assure you that it has always been like this, nothing has changed.

I have a good suggestion for all the pseudo journalists who fill our evenings with these pseudo talk shows: Tell your directors to invest a little money on some good movies to get a higher view, enough of this filth. We are not idiots.


As always, as every year, there has been a great demand for pizza chefs. If you are interested in learning this fantastic job (art), come to our pizza school, sign up for one of our practical pizza chef courses. You will find all the information here.

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See you soon

Silvio Cicchi