Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them. Today we are talking about a very tasty dish, widely used in pizzerias for the filling of pizzas, but also as a side dish or even as an aperitif or appetizer.

It is also a perfect side dish to accompany meat or fish dishes, also great for stuffing burgers.

Sweet and sour for topping pizzas

The sweet and sour taste makes this ingredient very appetizing, therefore also suitable for combining very different ingredients.

The preparation of Onions Sweet & Sour it's fast, take a few minutes. You can use the red onion of Tropea, but also the fresh onion is not bad.

Sweet and Sour Onions How To Prepare Them

Let's prepare the ingredients: onions, red wine vinegar, sugar, oil and salt. Someone adds two cloves to taste.

Cut the onions and brown them in extra virgin olive oil, let them caramelize by adding the sugar, blend in the red wine vinegar and leave on a low heat until cooked.

Other useful tips

If you like onions in bitter-sweet, prepared in the same way as the sweet and sour peppers, or why not the Pumpkin Sweet & Sour. They are all fantastic ingredients for the preparation of delicious pizzas.

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