Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them

Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them

Pickled Olives How To Prepare Them. God only knows how many olives are consumed in a pizzeria as a topping on pizzas, and in bars? There is no aperitif without a bowl of pickled olives, whether they are green or black.

The preparation of pickled olives it does not require any difficulty, we will need green olives, water, salt and some airtight jars.

The recipe for pickled olives

They are prepared in the fall, use freshly picked olives, even if they are not perfectly ripe. Do it in the month of November and remember to change the water every day.

The recipe provides: a kilo of olive verdi, a liter of water,80 grams of salt, a few sprigs of wild fennel, Bay leaves and a few cloves of garlic.

The preparation of olives in brine

After harvesting the olives, put them in a bucket covered with water and change the water every day for twenty days. This process will cause you to lose all the bitterness of the olives.

At the end of the twenty days, prepare the brine by dissolving the salt in warm water, at the end of the process let it cool.

We have reached the end of the preparation

Drain and wash the olives well and place them in glass jars with the garlic cloves and bay leaves and wild fennel. Now pour over the brine prepared earlier.

Before consuming them, it is better to wait 4/5 months for a complete ripening of the olives. They can last for years in the pantry if they are always covered in brine, even if the jar has been opened previously.


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