How to behave as a Gentleman Seated at the Table

How to behave as a Gentleman Seated at the Table

How to behave as a Gentleman Seated at the Table. Even if you don't plan to have dinner with the tonight President of the Republic, it is always good to behave with a certain etiquette. Let's see some advice to never make a bad impression towards other diners.

Respect the arrangement in which the table was set, forks on the left, knives on the right, your glass is the one on the top right and your bread is on the top left.

How to behave at the table

Talk to the mouth full, if you are asked for something while your mouth is full, you smile, swallow, then answer.

Don't start eating immediately, always expects all guests to be served.

How to behave as a Gentleman Seated at the Table

May licking your fingers at the table, if they are dirty, clean them with a napkin.

The soups are the hardest things to eat, do not bend over on the plate, but slowly bring the spoon to your mouth.

Follow the rules of bon ton

Never serve food to your guests with them own silverware, always use those prepared in the tray.

At the end of dinner never collect the dishes to stack them in the center of the table, always leave this job to the waiter.

Other little tips

Never drink incorrectly. If you have ordered a drink which is served with a straw, do not lean over the glass to drink, but bring the glass to your mouth.

If you drop one of the cutlery, do not bend over never under the table to try to pick it up, call the waiter who will bring you a clean one.

To conclude

Do not put your things on the table, mobile phone, handbag etc., they should never be placed on the table.

Non steal the napkin of your neighbor, you will find your napkin on your left if not on the plate. Open it without shaking it and place it on your lap, then you can start eating.

be careful not to…

Always remember that in your place you will be assigned, you will find liquids on the right and solids on the left, do not steal the bread of your neighbor.

Don't put the core of olives in the dish. The stone should be placed on the side of the plate if there is not already a container on the table to collect them.

Non blow your nose while sitting at the table, for these things you go to the bathroom.

May clearing away the table before all the diners have finished eating.

Even if you are normally an eater fast, try to slow down and finish at the same time as the other diners. Once you have finished, place the cutlery on your plate in the position of the clock hands 14:00.


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