How to make pizza tastier here is the list of ingredients

How to make pizza tastier here is the list of ingredients

How to make pizza tastier here is the list of ingredients. Here you are ina list of Ingredients to make your pizza super good. Using these ingredients you will increase both the gusto that the pleasure to eat it.

Parmigiano: Parmesan has the merit of enhancing any dish you prepare, add it to yours pizzas, but always at the end of cooking.

Some tips to make your pizzas special

Potatoes: If you are a true gourmet, you can't help but like pizza with potatoes. Prepare your base and add the mozzarella, some very finely chopped potatoes along with the bacon. An absolute delight.

Emmenthal: This adorable type of cheese goes perfectly with all types of pizza. Try to season your pizzas with half mozzarella and half emmenthal.

How to make pizza tastier here is the list of ingredients

Herbs: Oregano, timo, marjoram, basil should never be missing on your pizzas.

Spicy oil: just so, you should know that adding a drizzle of spicy oil to all the pizzas makes them truly special.

Still useful suggestions

Hazelnuts Nuts Pine nuts: To always have a super crunchy pizza, sprinkle them with pine nuts, walnut kernels and also shredded peanuts. An absolute delight.

Pumpkin cream: Since we are ad halloween certainly could not miss this ingredient that makes our pizzas special. Add some pumpkin cream to your pizza before baking. I assure you an exceptional result.

You want others?

Onion: I'm crazy about the onion, add thinly sliced ​​onion to your pizza before baking, it will stay crunchy and turn your creation into a delight.

Fresh sliced ​​tomato: If you don't want to forget the flavors of summer, prepare your pizza by adding thinly sliced ​​fresh tomatoes to the base along with garlic and fresh basil.

To conclude

Rocket salad: In addition to being good for our body, rocket is an absolute delight on pizza. Prepare a classic margherita and as soon as it is ready, add the raw ham together with the rocket and parmesan flakes.

Pesto: Add a spoonful of pesto to the pizza base, spread it on the base and add shrimp and zucchini. Bake in your hot oven.


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