How to Plant Celery at Home

How to Plant Celery at Home

How to Plant Celery at Home. In the kitchen it is one of the most popular plants, celery is synonymous with sautéed together with carrots and onion.

 Much appreciated in soups, creams and so on, even in the pizzeria lately they have begun to appear pizzas they have celery among its ingredients.

How to Plant Celery at Home
How to Plant Celery at Home

Planting celery from scraps

There is a trick to never miss it in our home. Next time you buy celery, cut the base a 5 centimeters high and instead of throwing it away as you usually do, put it in a deep dish with water in front of the well-lit window.

After a short time you will see the first roots and new leaves appear. At this point it is possible to replant it in a pot with good soil.

How to Plant Celery at Home
How to Plant Celery at Home

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