Croissants with ham

Croissants with ham. During the course of professional pizza maker courses at our school, often go into that “buffet” and special preparations. Present Day, given the insistence of some readers of the site, we have prepared this simple but delicious recipe categorized in category “street food”. It lends itself to be combined buffet of pizza, snacks to children, and for those like me who prefer the savory breakfast in that sweet.

This recipe involves the construction of savory croissants that are prepared with pizza dough, stuffed with ham, but the variations can be many and endless, pickles, tuna, mushrooms, salmon to name a few, but I leave this part of the filling to your imagination and your favorite flavors.

Croissants with ham


Croissants with ham
Roll out the dough for pizza

Our croissants are prepared not with ordinary and high-calorie pastry, but with the classic dough for pizza. If you are not experienced in the preparation of the dough for pizza, I recommend you read our previous post you will find sull'impasto by clicking here.

Croissants with ham
Cut the dough into wedges

Once the preparation of the dough, divide it into pieces 250/270 grams, formed the balls and let them rest for leavening in a tightly closed container with a lid.

Croissants with ham
add the cooked ham

After the rising phase that can last from 2 hours to reach 24 hours, depending on the type of flour you used for your dough, roll the balls of dough to form discs with a diameter of 30 cm. You have no idea where the flour you used? If things are really so, I suggest that you read our previous post entirely devoted to the flour to be used to prepare pizza. For all those who want to learn the fantastic work of the pizza maker to do so even at home a good pizza like the one found in pizzeria, I suggest you subscribe to our ongoing professional pizza maker online, is simple , It contains many videos to watch again and again and you can follow from your home when you have free time.

Croissants with ham
Roll up the slices

Cut them as shown in the figure or watch the video carefully.

Croissants with ham
Season with salt and oregano oil or sesame seeds

Fill them with cooked ham, or with your favorite ingredients, roll them again and let them rise for other 2 hours.

Croissants with ham
bake for 3 minutes 300 degrees

After the rising phase, toss with a little olive oil, a pinch of salt, sesame seeds or oregano as I did and bake in an oven pre-heated to 300 degrees for 3/4 minutes until the edge will be perfectly golden.

Croissants with ham
Remove from the oven when ready

Remove from the oven and eat!!

Video of the realization of croissants with ham

Croissants with ham

Unlike sweet croissants cousins, savory stuffed croissants are delicious when combined with a good wine.

If you want to know more about croissants and all their variants, wikipedia is a good site to visit.


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