Exploring alternative flours for a healthier and lighter pizza

Exploring alternative flours for a healthier and lighter pizza

Hello to all, pizza lovers and aspiring pizza makers! Today I want to tell you about my experience in exploring the wonderful world of alternative flours to make our pizza even healthier and lighter. I've always loved savoring a delicious slice of pizza, but I realized that I could make this traditional dish healthier without sacrificing taste. It was a journey of culinary discovery that led me to enroll in pizza courses at Silvio Cicchi's pizza school, where I learned to create unique pizzas using different flours.

It all started with a passion for pizza that pushed me to explore new culinary avenues. I often frequented the neighborhood pizzeria, where I could enjoy traditional pizzas, tasty but quite caloric. My curiosity led me to wonder if there was a way to make pizza lighter and healthier, without compromising the flavour.

So, I started doing some research and discovered the vast universe of alternative flours. I never expected that there was so much variety and potential in the world of flours other than wheat flour. My adventure had just begun, and decided to try some of these flours in my kitchen.

The first alternative flour I tried was spelled. I had heard about the nutritional properties of spelled and wanted to see how it would behave as a base for my pizza. I mixed it carefully, letting it rise lovingly, and the result was a thin, crunchy base with a slightly rustic, nutty flavor. The pizza was delicious, and encouraged me to continue my exploration.

Subsequently, I tried buckwheat flour, which has a distinctive flavor and slightly thicker texture than farro. I experimented with different combinations of ingredients, and I found that this flour went beautifully with ingredients like grilled zucchini, goat cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. It was a very unique and tasty pizza!

Determined to go further, I came across the flour of ceci. This gluten-free flour has added an earthy note to my pizzas, making them particularly tasty. One of my favorite chickpea flour creations was the “Pizza Mediterranean”. Based on chickpea flour, I added lemon hummus, olive, Red onion, it passes. The result was an explosion of Mediterranean flavors that made my mouth water.

But the real revelation was brown rice flour. This light and delicate flour created a light, crunchy base that lent itself perfectly to a variety of ingredients. I created one “Pizza Primavera” with this flour, covered in fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, peas and a splash of olive oil. It was an ode to freshness and lightness!

After exploring these alternative flours, I decided to deepen my knowledge and I enrolled in pizza courses at Silvio Cicchi's pizza school. Here I met other pizza enthusiasts and had the opportunity to learn from the skills of an experienced master pizza maker.

The Silvio Cicchi's pizza school it was a welcoming and inspiring place, and Silvio himself was a passionate and patient teacher. During the courses, we explored different alternative flours and learned the best techniques to work with them. Silvio encouraged us to experiment and be daring with ingredients, always with an eye to health and taste.

Thanks to the courses, I honed my pizza making skills and discovered more alternative flours, such as chestnut flour and lentil flour. Chestnut flour has a sweet and nutritious taste, perfect for creating fall pizzas with pumpkin, bacon and gorgonzola. Lentil flour, instead, gave birth to a soft base with a slightly nutty aftertaste, ideal for one “Vegan Pizza” con hummus, grilled vegetables and avocado.

My adventure in the world of alternative flours for a healthier and lighter pizza continues today. Silvio Cicchi's pizza school gave me the skills and confidence to explore new combinations of flours and ingredients, creating unique and tasty pizzas.

If you too want to discover new ways to make your pizza healthier and lighter, I encourage you to enroll in the pizza maker courses that we organize in our pizza school Silvio Cicchi. You will discover a world of flavors and possibilities that will surprise you!

Have fun on your culinary adventure and bon appétit!

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