Focaccia Summer Savory

Focaccia Summer Savory. This week it's time for Paulo Jorge who came from Portugal (Braga) to attend our ongoing professional Pizzaiolo. Paulo holds a beautiful restaurant in his country, family run, and, just completed the course will begin to also propose pizza to its customers, in addition to the many local dishes for years it offers its lucky customers.

Summer is here and the temperatures are suddenly splashed over 30 degrees. Working in front of the pizza oven is these days really tiring. After preparing each pizza you dry from sweat and those who work in front of the stove she is forced to take fluids continuously. I remind all that pizza is very important to use the pizza chef's hat in these circumstances, hat absorbs the drops of sweat coming down our face preventing them from interfering with our work, if not something worse, just last night I went out to dinner at a famous restaurant of the pizza place and I noticed with contempt that all employees at a pizzeria is frequently passed his forehead to wipe the beads of sweat and then safely continue to work. Horrible!!

All this heat, inevitably leads to even change our diet for this season. They indulge the steaming hot pizza with melted mozzarella to make room for summer pizzas that provide fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Focaccia Summer Savory
Focaccia Summer Savory

Focaccia Summer Savory

The pizza is now Paulo has prepared a delicious summer pizza with fresh ingredients. Nothing tomatoes and melted mozzarella, inedible with this heat. We used cherry tomatoes, onion cut into fine slices, of fresh mushrooms in the mushroom type, pitted black olives and some hints of smoked bacon cut into thin strips and anchovies to give a touch of flavor to our pizza that might otherwise be tasteless.

Readers often our post now knows that we prepare our bodies with strong flour. These mixtures provide a long leavening in a refrigerator, at least 24 hours.

After the long leavening Paulo has stretched pizza forming disk of dough with a diameter of 33 cm. He added the cherry tomatoes, white onions sliced, button mushrooms, the bacon into thin strips, a pair of anchovy fillets into small pieces and finally pitted black olives. A pinch of salt, the inevitable rosemary needles and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, but what good.

Focaccia Summer Savory
The summer focaccia

Focaccia Summer Savory






For those who want to prepare this pizza at home, here is the video that we recorded during the course of the professional course of pizza in our School Pizza. If you are not an expert in the preparation of the pizza, is available on our ongoing professional Online. It 'a perfect course for those who want to improve themselves and prepare at home own a quality pizza that has nothing to envy to the one you normally find in the pizzeria on the corner of your home.

Before saying goodbye, I remind you that if you're looking for tips in the preparation of pizza for your guests that will come dinner tonight, on our site you are available as well 300pizza recipes freely available, but ... you are one day late in the preparation: To prepare a good fragrant pizza, digestible and light, you have to use a strong flour, at least W270-W300, This type of flour requires a long rising in the fridge, at least 24 ore a 3 Celsius degrees. So strong flour and knead the day before. And now what to do to remedy? Direct dough with flour from a weak low protein, but the end result will certainly not be comparable to a "good" pizza.

On our YouTube channel you will find all our video recipes.



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