Mushrooms Let's Know Them Better1

Let's get to know the mushrooms better

Let's get to know the mushrooms better. I mushrooms these strangers, rich in Phosphorus, potassium and minerals, they are very useful for our immune and cardiovascular systems.

Let's start by saying that they do not belong to the plant family and are certainly not animals, but nutritionally they could be compared to vegetables and should be consumed just as such.

How many types of mushrooms are there

To name a few: porcini, cockerels, mushroom, prataioli, tacks, pioppini perhaps they are the most famous. They are harvested in spring and autumn.

If you are an expert gatherer, I recommend that you take long walks and collect them, otherwise be very careful because there are species poisonous. For the less experienced ... buy them at the supermarket.

Go for mushrooms

In commerce it is easy to find too dried mushrooms. Mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, rich in fiber and vitamins, contain potassium and copper.

Calorie: They vary from species to species, on average 100 grams of mushrooms are equivalent to approx 30 kcal.

How to use them

With our mushrooms you can make many recipes, in pizzeria they are used trifolati and they are an absolute delight for the palate.

Other common recipes are the pappardelle with mushrooms, the famous ones tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, the mushroom risotto, and some main courses of meat, like the escalopes with mushrooms.

Mushrooms in our school

In our School Pizza Italian we prepare i mushrooms to use as a topping for pizza. If you are interested in ours professional courses to become a pizza maker access all information here.

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Silvio Cicchi