Potato Salad First Second Course and Side Dish

Potato Salad First Second Course and Side Dish

Potato Salad First Second Course and Side Dish. Just so dear friends, it's just like the title says. Our potato salad as well as being famous all over the world for its simplicity, it is also highly appreciated for its taste.

Each country has its own version with the addition of different ingredients, it could be described with a simple word, dish "jolly”Since it can be used comfortably as first course, come second dish, or simply like contour.

The Super salad

Today I will limit myself to providing you with one of the most famous recipes ever, the preparation is simple, but with a unique flavor.

After boiled potatoes cut them into slices, wait for them to cool and season with one salsa prepared by blending anchovies, Taggiasca olives, a hard-boiled egg yolk and chives.

Potato Salad First Second Course and Side Dish

It might seem like a simple dish to present, but it is an absolute delight. In pizzeria you often meet, since many pizzerias always have blanched potatoes available ready to be added as topping on pizza.

A vegetarian pizza with the addition of potatoes it becomes a super pizza. Potatoes boiled remaining a few minutes in the oven on the pizza form one crust that becomes crisp.

Potatoes in the Pizzeria

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