Pizza dough with flour Hemp

Pizza dough with flour Hemp

Pizza dough with flour Hemp. In our professional pizzaiolo courses at our headquarters, frequently we prepare the dough with hemp flour, rich in protein and vitamins.

We are talking of cannabis sativa, the same that is used for the production of fiber hemp, nothing to do with cannabis indicates from which you get hashish and marijuana.

The species sativa is very different from refined cannabis, It does not contain THC, It has a flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts, very crisp and is high in fiber,acids and provides a good protein intake. It contains ferro, phosphorus, vitamins E,B1, C, B6, B3.

Do not forget the equally useful hemp oil, we have spoken widely in previous article dedicated to virgin hemp seed.

Pizza dough with flour Hemp
Pizza dough with flour Hemp

Pizza dough with flour Hemp

The dough for pizza made of hemp flour, it is light, nutritious and has a taste which can not be waived.

During the course with Gianluca from Valencia, we have prepared this video that will help in the preparation of this useful dough.

The hemp flour should be used mixed with the flour 0 to the 10%. (1Kg of flour 0 = 100 grams of hemp flour)

The video doses are to prepare 5 pizzas to the plate with hemp flour.

Given how easy it is to prepare a pizza dough with hemp flour?

The next article is dedicated to the preparation of a cake, using a mixture of hemp flour.

Pizza dough with flour Hemp

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If you are not an expert in preparing the pizza to your door, It might be useful to our professional course of pizza online. Sign up and follow the lessons when you have time available. For more information, click here.


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  1. Salve, unfortunately read inaccuracies regarding hemp; absolutely false that does not contain sativa thc and that is obtained by means hashish and marijuana… Indica and Sativa are the two main species of cannabis, for which both are marijuana and hashish can be produced by both.
    There is no THC in the flour for the simple fact that in the seeds there is thc… It is generated in the plant's flowering phase.
    This does not mean that the cake is super!!!

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