The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria. The rice flour is produced by grinding the fruits of “Oryza sativa” belonging to the family Poaceae. E’ a derivative by grinding the fruits of this very important plant for human consumption. these seeds, when they are used for the production of flour undergo a variety of processes which are summarized in this way:

Funding through the harvest, cleaning any residue, the husking or hulling which consists in the elimination of the embryo from its husk and kernels, and finally the bleaching of the grains. I will stop here for now, but if the final product was introduced on the market in its integral form, the processing cycle would be further elongated.

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria
The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

Rice flour, as the wheat flour can be marketed in different forms:

white rice bran

Integral rice bran

white rice flour

Rice meal Integrale

E’ You can find on the market also the rice starch. Despite the appearance it is very similar to the rice flour,They are not absolutely the same product. E’ very true that the rice flour has a high starch composition containing very little protein, fibers and lipids, but the rice starch is obtained by an additional powder manufacturing process which makes it strongly increase its thickening ability and its solubility eliminating all the residual nutritional parts which do not constitute carbohydrates.

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

If this may help here is a table of nutritional values ​​of rice flour 100 grams of product:

edible part 100,0%
Water 12,3g
protein 7,3g
lipids TOT 0,5g
  acidssaturated fats – g
Fatty acids monoinsaturi – g
acidsfat polyunsaturated – g
Cholesterol 0,0mg
TOT carbohydrates 87,0g
  Starch 79,1g
soluble sugars 0,0g
Dietary fiber 1,0g
Energy 360,0kcal
Sodium 4,0mg
Potassium 104,0mg
Ferro 0,4mg
Football 7,0mg
Phosphorus 90,0mg
thiamine 0,05mg
Riboflavin 0,04mg
niacin 1,40mg
Vitamin A 0,0 µg
Vitamin C 0,0mg
Vitamin E 0,0mg

In our culture “western” the rice flour has a very limited use in the kitchen compared to wheat flour and is only thanks to its content absolutely free of gluten (a protein that causes a strong food intolerance rising sharply in recent times) “gluten-free” hence its reputation. In “East” It happens just the opposite, the rice flour is one of the most used products from the diet of these people and is present in many their recipes, I'd like to name but a few that are known and appreciated even by Westerners: the famous rice noodles and delicious sweet mochi.

The rice flour is perfect for the preparation of pasta dishes, some cakes which rise chemically (bicarbonate), in the production of some types of biscuits and for use in the production of bread unleavened. Delicious when used to coat certain types of fried and finally is often used in our kitchens as a thickener for puddings, soups and sauces.

The main features of the rice flour are the total absence of gluten, a higher content of starch compared to protein and fat, increased energy intake, low content of alimentary fibers, lower content of mineral salts except for phosphorus.

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria
The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

Pizzeria in the rice flour is virtually absent. I tried dozens of times to prepare a mixture exclusively with rice flour, even during our professional pizza maker courses we treat the rice flour, but certainly not exclusively for doughs made with this product. does not rise. The final product is not a pizza, even remotely similar. Instead the addition of a small percentage of rice flour in the dough is of utility(2-3% max) to increase the strength of the flour. A good example is the now famous “Romanian Pinsa“, the mixture for the mixture of this pizza contains a small percentage of rice flour.

To our friends who have celiac disease always recommend….a nice steak with french fries, but never something that gives the illusion of a pizza that will not be very good to eat.

The Rice Flour in Pizzeria

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