The Salt Pasta

The Salt Pasta

The Salt Pasta. It is a fantastic material to work with. It costs little and with a little experience you can reach high levels. This type of processing is well known in Germany (Salt salt) and it has also long since taken hold in Italy. You can create many objects, animals, dolls, wedding favors, lids for boxes. The salt paste is alive. Try to try your hand.

The Salt Pasta


The preparation is very simple: Flour, salt and water.

FARINA: Use a refined type flour 00

SALE: Buy very thin rooms, impalpable.

WATER: Room temperature water.

GLUE: Adding glue from upholsterers or carpenters to your dough, you will obtain a more elastic dough with a greater consistency.

DOSES: 1 Kilo of flour and a kilo of fine salt. Add the water until a mixture that does not stick to the hands.

The Salt Pasta

The Salt Pasta

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The Salt Pasta