The Pizza Calabrese and Original Recipe

The Pizza Calabrese is known throughout the world as "pepperoni”. This beautiful region offers many specialties, anyone who has had the opportunity to spend a holiday in Calabria will certainly have tasted some of the products that this region offers. Canned in oil, chiles, the brawn Calabrian version sweet or spicy, nduja famous spicy salami spreads, sausage, bacon, capicollo, the esplanade. Who does not know the onions Tropea, nougat of Bagnara Calabria or the typical cheeses Calabrian. I could go on for hours, but I risk bore. With the large amount of local products that are offered by Calabria, inevitably when we speak of the Calabrese pizza there can be no standard recipe for this pizza. In the United States and in much of the South America, when talking about "pizza Calabresa" means the spicy pizza, one made with the brawn Calabria. In many Italian pizzerias, Calabrese pizza is made with canned tomatoes, chopped, tuna in oil, anchovy fillets, black and green olives, pitted, capers and garlic. Anyhow, are many pizza makers that imaginatively add to these ingredients of variants like the eggplant in olive oil or red onions, they also typical of this region.

pizza calabrese
The pizza calabrese

The Pizza Calabrese

We will prepare the classic pizza Calabrese, but I'll leave you the option of adding additional ingredients.

Ingredients for the topping:

Peeled tomatoes, chopped

Tuna in oil

Anchovy fillets chopped

Black and green olives, pitted


1 clove of garlic

Sale, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

pizza calabrese
Calabrese pizza with mozzarella

Prepare the dough for 4 Calabresi pizzas following the instructions by clicking this link. Divide the dough into 4 balls, cover with a cloth and let them rest for an hour leavening.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce: In a pan fry let the garlic chopped, just golden brown, add the chopped tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and let cook for 10 minutes.

pizza calabrese
Calabrese pizza with red onions

Roll out the 4 balls of dough to 4 diameter discs 30 centimeters.

Spread the tomato on the basics of pizza, add the chopped tuna, capers well washed, chopped anchovies finally olives. The original recipe of this pizza does not use mozzarella, as it is already rich and caloric, but if you want it ..... .

Heat very well your home oven to maximum temperature (200/250 degrees) then bake your pizzas. After 15 minutes check the doneness of pizzas, and when the board reaches the right gilding, you can crank out your pizzas. Serve hot.

pizza calabrese
Pizza Calabrese with addition of eggplant

How to prepare the Calabrese pizza at home? Give your recipe in the comments on this page.

If you want to learn more about Calabria can consult wikipedia

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  1. good… from us in Calabria even more rustic and popular would be the so-called “pitta china”, a kind of double-layer stuffed pizza with tomato and usually all there, at will between black olives, anchovies, salami, onion etc..
    In fact, however, pizzerias here too pizzerias do with salami; in addition to Calabrian brawn It is used very often also the esplanade, another traditional bagged that has the most long slices, un po’ less known outside the region.

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