The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese. I have a suggestion for a fantastic destination for your next vacation. If you have not already done, I recommend strongly to visit the Abruzzo region. It seems to be the place where, in the opinion of foreign tourists who visit our beautiful country, you eat better by far. To provide this special ranking, it's not me, but that's incredible… a survey conducted by Confesercenti-Ref. E’ It has been asked many tourists who visit the Italian regions to give their opinion on services and on welcoming. The results obtained from this special list not leave any shadow of doubt: In a scale ranging from 1 a 10 the result obtained from the survey was for the value of Abruzzo 9,06. The best ever, to follow Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.

Among the many specialties that this beautiful region has to offer, and is closely related to our site that is only the pizza, it's surely “the fried pizza Abruzzese”.

Already in spring, with the first signs of summer, Abruzzo begin the first dedicated to food festivals and the “street food”. Fortunately, only about ten minutes drive separate me from this region, then by the person concerned, I did not let out a.

I noticed that the fried pizza is called in different ways depending on the city you plan to visit, Pizzonta, fried small pizza, pizzondella.

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

E’ definitely a popular food, and, to feel the local elders, It was widespread in the past given the simplicity of the ingredients “poor” with which it was made.

This particular street food is a poor food which is prepared with bread dough or pizza, fried in large pots filled with seed oil or extra virgin olive oil.

In festivals it is served with salt or sugar sprinkled on the surface, depending on which version is preferred sweet or salt water.

In the last country festival I attended, I was lucky enough to visit the kitchen and be able to view the whole production process, the flour until the frying. I understand that only a lucky few have that privilege, and it is with great pleasure that I wish to share with you the fantastic recipe “pizzonta”, local dialect which means greasy pizza.

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese
The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

I had the privilege of having Candellora, old country (75 age) that made me as guide in the space in the kitchen. The first thing he showed me was the “nzogna”, a few of you know this term, but maybe you know this: La hungry.

We know that the pig does not discard anything, one of the things that characterize this area is precisely the pig's bladder filled with nzogna. During the pig slaughter, the bladder after being carefully cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar flavored with citrus peel, It is immersed in cold water until it becomes solid. In the meantime, they are made in the pork fat cubes in a big pot and are put on the fire to form the liquid fat. Before the fat cools, It is poured into the bladder and hung from a nail on the ceiling.

La hungry, preserves the “lard” Content in it for several months. Lard is an ingredient widely used in Abruzzese cuisine and absolutely essential for the success of the fried pizza. It gives it a unique flavor and a unique softness.

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese
The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

To prepare the fried pizza at home you will need the following ingredients:

  • 850 g flour
  • 120 g boiled potatoes
  • 400 g of water
  • 80 lard g
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 5 grams of yeast
  • sunflower oil for frying
  • addition salt or sugar to flavor the surface

All regular visitors to my blog know that every type of flour absorbs water differently, then add flour until the dough that is soft and elastic.

Knead the ingredients by hand or with the help of a mechanical mixer

Cut the dough into balls 120 grams

Let them rise

After the rising phase, the balls roll out with a rolling pin evenly

With a knife cut a few incisions in the central part of the stretched pizza before dipping in the hot oil, so as to prevent it from bulging during cooking.

A few minutes frying until the perfect golden brown on both sides and drain well from the oil lying them on a sheet of absorbent paper.

Finally, sprinkle the surface with salt or sugar, depending on the version you have chosen to eat.

The Pizza Fried Abruzzese
The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

You are all invited to attend the next festival of fried pizza Abruzzese.

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The Pizza Fried Abruzzese
The Pizza Fried Abruzzese

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