Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki. From my recent trip to Greece, I could not help but bring home a piece of local culture. In all Greeks classic restaurants, those for tourists to speak, They serve as "starter" or appetizer if you prefer to call as do the Italians, a delicious sauce called "tzatziki". It is often served accompanied by the "Pita" still warm local bread.

Every day while the gustavo comfortably seated at the table of the Greek tourist restaurant, I thought my neighbor back home I would have done a pizza.

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki
Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

So it was. During the course of the professional courses at the pizza maker our school, We created this tasty pizza with Greek tzatziki sauce.

The sauce is prepared in minutes and does not foresee any difficulty.

Finely grate a cucumber and add it to the sheep or goat yogurt. Finally, add garlic, salt and olive oil.

Some recipes require the addition of other herbs, come aneto, mint, vinegar and onion.

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

After the stage of preparation of tasty sauce, we can do is prepare a good focaccia on which spalmeremo the tzatziki sauce.

A good mix with a strong flour left in the refrigerator for a long leavening is just what we need to prepare a delicious cake.

Roll the balls of dough up to a diameter of 30 cm, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and a few needles of fresh rosemary.

Bake in the oven hot pizza 300 degrees Celsius for a few minutes, until edge is golden to perfection.

Remove from the oven

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki
Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

Add a rich tzatziki sauce layer on the surface of the cake, a few slices of fresh cucumber, some red clove given by the cherry tomatoes and the obligatory sprig of fresh basil.

Deliziosaaaa, I reminded of the Greek holiday!!

Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki

Below the video of the preparation of pizza.


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Pizza At The Greek Tzatziki
focaccia at tzatziki


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