Pizza With Buratto Farina

Pizza With Buratto Farina

Pizza With Buratto Farina. Not enough to be excellent “pizzaioli” to succeed in “Internet”. Thus I began my teacher at the course “THIS” (search engine optimization) I'm attending, then, he added: try posting an article with a picture of a pizza next to a nice butt of a girl, nothing vulgar, Immediately you will notice that your post will be read and clicked by twice as many people usually read your articles!!

(updating) excellent teacher, knows his! In no time this article was widely read!.

And, but what it has to do the lower back of a girl with flour sifter? absolutely nothing, but the images much influence what they read and clicking boaters. A photo of a sieve to flour He would have aroused the interest of a few.

Well, this is precisely the subject I wanted to say, The cheesecloth is nothing but the flour sieve.

Pizza With Buratto Farina
A sieve of the old model flour

Pizza With Buratto Farina

The definition cheesecloth is approached to a machine that sifts the flour to divide into different sizes. From here comes the term “level of sifting” that is, the degree of sophistication of the flour.

Over the flour is sifted, the more it will prove to be refined, white in color and almost impalpable to the touch, It will be rich in starch and poor in minerals (ashes).

The percentage of sifting must be understood exactly in the opposite way:

  • A higher percentage of sifting is equivalent to less refined flour.
  • A lower percentage of sifting equivalent to a greater refinement of the flour.

To help you better understand,I published the following table representing the classification of flour:

Type of Flour Humidity Max ash Min. ash Max. min proteins. Abburrattamento
00 14,50% 0,55% 9,00% 50%
0 14,50% 0,65% 11,00% 72%
1 14,50% 0,80% 12,00% 80%
2 14,50% 0,95% 12,00% 85%
Whole wheat 14,50% 1.30% 1,70% 12,00% 100%

All those who have attended our professional pizzaiolo courses at our School Pizza, They know very well flour, including flour sifter, then, they know perfectly well that we are not talking about a proper whole-wheat flour, but it is characterized by a stay of fibrous parts and germ of the seed, It keeps inside the granules of large size, so it is classified as type flour 2.

Pizza With Buratto Farina
A flour sifter type 2

Compared to flour 00, the sifter flour contains many more proteins, then more gluten, This makes it a strong flour (The), It contains larger granules, therefore it is less soluble, but it can be used to produce bread, pasta, pizza and sweets. About sweet, it would seem that the “Baba” made with this type of meal are the best.

Pizza With Buratto Farina

In pizzeria, This semigrezzo wheat flour is added in small percentages classic dough, the same way they usually use whole wheat flour. Your pizza is crispy outside and soft inside, light, perfumed and fragrant.

Pizza With Buratto Farina
pizza prepared with the addition of flour burattto

I recommend, prepare the dough well in advance, prepare the pizza dough balls, place them in a container with lid and .. leavening in a refrigerator at 3 degrees centigrade for at least 48 hours.

Pizza With Buratto Farina
Dough prepared with the addition of flour sifter

More information on the sifter can find on wikipedia clicking here.


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  1. Ciao! In verità io stavo cercando solo un’immagine del buratto da far vedere in classe ai bambini delle elementari….quando mi si è aperta la pagina su quel bel sedere mi sono chiesta cosa avessi schiacciato di sbagliato….non mi è sembrata molto pertinentema io son donna 🙄. Cmq non aprirò l’articolo sulla lim, farò vedere l’immagine dello screenshot. Thank You

    1. Hai perfettamente ragione Michela, ma se leggi bene l’articolo intuisci anche il perchè di quella foto. In ogni caso non trovo niente di scandaloso in quella foto, visto che portiamo sempre ben volentieri i bambini al mare con noi. Thank You
      Silvio Cicchi

  2. Ciao,I ask politely if this flour sifter is cut with other, and what share?uses and how much yeast hydration?thank you so much,I try to make pizza at home but still nn I found the right recipe…thank you roberta

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