Focaccia With Ham And Figs

Focaccia With Ham And Figs

Focaccia With Ham And Figs. I am actually grown in the shade of a fig. Just outside the front door of my house, during childhood, in the open countryside, there was a huge fig tree, high around 10 meters, with big leaves and green, dark on top and lighter on the bottom. Produced of the greatest fruits pear shape, They ranged from green to reddish color.

Focaccia With Ham And Figs
Focaccia With Ham And Figs

From small, my favorite snack could only be: Bread with ham and figs.

In my memory, appears still the image of the grandmother who expertly rolled the well-ripe figs within the same leaves to form the “salami with figs”. length about 20 cm, diameter 7/8 cm, It is tied with string in the same way with which it is linked the loin. Today the loin of figs is prepared yet for some wise old village where the old traditions. This salami with figs is recognized as a “traditional food product” of the Marche and is a garrison “Slow Food” from 1999. It is served cut into slices just as it gets with classic cuts, and gives off aromas and unique flavors, its taste is pleasantly sweet and you can feel the scents of dried figs.

Focaccia With Ham And Figs
Pizza with ham and figs

Focaccia With Ham And Figs

In 1975 when I started my first roll out and bake pizzas, I could not help but to accompany this delicious fruit cakes that sfornavo, perhaps adding some nice slice of ham. The sweet and savory combination has always been my favorite.

Remember that the customers of the country, time, They looked embarrassed when I proposed the focaccia with prosciutto and figs, but, oddly American and German tourists who populated the beaches of the Riviera, They adored this my creation and returned frequently in the local to order again.

Present Day, Focaccia with Ham and Figs finally is recognized as a specialty when it comes to “Street Food”.

Prepare this cake is simple, you can do it in no time at home or in your restaurant or pizzeria.

Focaccia With Ham And Figs
Focaccia with ham and figs

Focaccia With Ham And Figs

Prepare the dough with your recipe of focaccia, or taking a cue from our previous post: How to prepare a cake perfect.

When the dough will be soft and elastic at the right point, divide it into dough balls from 250/270 grams and place in a container with lid to rise.

After the rising phase, roll out the dough to form the dough disks with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

Drill holes on the surface to prevent swelling during cooking.

Season with a little olive oil extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh rosemary. Bake in your oven previously heated to a temperature of 300 degrees for a few minutes, until the surface will be perfectly golden.

Baked your cake, let cool a few minutes and with a knife cut it in half to imbottirla.

Arrange fruit peeled, cut into wedges on the surface and add raw ham.

A treat for your taste buds and a guaranteed success with your guests.

The perfect combination to serve with this pizza is a nice sparkling cup, sweet or still makes no difference, just do not serve it with coca cola.

If you do not know the figs, You can find more information on Alimentipedia.

Focaccia with prosciutto and figs, is one of the many specialties that we prepare during the pizzaiolo courses at our School Pizza. If you want to know more about our courses, I invite you to click here.

Focaccia With Ham And Figs
Delicious pizza with ham and figs

Also in the kitchen the figs are very used. A recipe on the fly:

“Figà àea Venessiana” From the title it is clear that this ancient recipe belongs to the tradition Veneta. The origins actually date back to the Romans who were preparing the liver along with the figs in order to cover the strong odor.

By the time the figs have given way to the onions creating one of the most popular recipes in the Veneto region and beyond: The Venetian liver.

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