Pizza with Seafood Salad and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza with Seafood Salad and Cherry Tomatoes

Pizza with Seafood Salad and Cherry Tomatoes. The heat arrived early this year. As happens in this period when you go to a pizzeria you are always looking for tasty pizzas to match the climate.

The pizza that we offer today is not only very tasty and suitable for this season, it's refreshing. It is perfect to be eaten hot just out of the oven, but it is also good to taste cold, since it is made with a type of sea ​​Salad.

Favorite Pizzas in the hot season

In our school of pizza today the students who have enrolled in ours professional training course they made this delicious pizza.

After having spread the disk of dough, we added the tomato and seafood salad. We baked the pizza which after a few minutes of cooking was ready to take out of the oven.

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Since it does not have mozzarella among its ingredients, it lends itself a lot to be prepared to be sold by the slice.


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