Parisian Pizza Recipe and Preparation

The pizza Paris is one of the most classic rustic pizzas belonging to the Neapolitan cuisine and traditions. It's not a pizza dish that you will find in restaurants or pizzerias able to order from the comfort of the table, but you can find it in rotisserie and in many pizzerias takeaway. If you're planning a trip out to Naples, revenue in any "pizzetteria" and ordered a slice of pizza in Paris. The Neapolitans are fond of their culinary traditions, and wherever they go with export if jealously the secrets of their specialties, I got to find the pizza Parisian also take away pizzeria in Milan and elsewhere in the peninsula.

pizza Paris
Pizza Parigina

It is very special as the type of pizza, is a rustic stuffed, the lower layer is done with the classic pizza dough, the filling is made with tomatoes, baked sliced ​​ham and provolone cheese type also cut it into slices, the top layer is made with puff pastry, crispy and tender at the same time.

Pizza recipe Parisian

pizza Paris
Pizza pariina

The pizza Paris is very easy to prepare at home, and even cooking made with the oven at home is not very difficult. The greatest difficulty is the fact that the preparation of the dough for pizza and the preparation of puff pastry requires a long time, so many are those who decide to buy at the supermarket for a basic pizza ready, a roll of puff pastry ready and 20 minutes realize this recipe. In case you are going to prepare you for the pizza dough, you can follow all instructions in our previous article. If you are a true lover of the kitchen, and you are going to also prepare the pastry fast, you can see our recipe by clicking here.

Preparing Pizza Paris

pizza Paris
Parisian pizza as an appetizer

With a paintbrush, grease the base of the pan with extra virgin olive oil and with your fingers, flattened dough for pizza.

Season with tomato, add the slices of ham and provolone cheese, sliced.

pizza Paris
Pizza slices Paris

Once the work of filling, cover the top with a layer of pastry. Pursuing here and the holes with the tip of a knife to avoid bulges during the cooking stage.

Preheat your oven to good 200 degrees and bake the pizza for about Paris 20 minutes. When the dough has reached a perfect golden brown, you can crank out your pizza rustica.

This pizza is great to serve as a partition in the morning, or as a snack for your kids. It keeps perfectly for the next day in the rare cases where the remaining leftovers.

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pizza Paris
Pizza slices Paris

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