Quick Puff Pastry recipe in 10 Minutes

Puff pastry is composed of many layers of dough made with flour and water base, alternating with a layer of butter. During baking the water contained between the various superimposed layers evaporates, the steam is trapped between the layers to increases in volume, The mixture is then "browse". Puff pastry is ideal for making quiches, rustic, yarrow, croissants and lots of recipes.

recipe puff pastry
Puff pastry

Reading here and on the internet and among the many recipe books, the preparation of puff pastry is described as a complex process that takes a long time, This discourages anyone willing to prepare it at home and encourages them to buy it ready at the supermarket, often at the expense of the fragrances and freshness. I do this work for a long time, I had the opportunity to work with many professional chefs, Many of these are gone by the wayside, but one in all I was impressed in the mind, and all his advice I have been helpful in the daily performance of my work: Chef Ulderico Traini, that even today with his creations delight thousands of customers. One morning he came to work at the last minute reservation for a buffet at lunchtime, missing a few hours upon arrival and the chef told me without any concern: Dear Cicchi, Today we prepare the pastry fast 10 minutes. The story ends here, but I want to make you a nice gift by providing you the recipe to make the pastry fast at home in no time.

recipe puff pastry
With the pastry fast you can prepare many recipes

Quick Puff Pastry recipe in 10 Minutes

Difficulty: Very easy.

These doses will give 700 grams of pasta dough


250 grams of flour "00"

160 ml of cold water

250 grams of butter.

Pour flour and water in a bowl and knead until a smooth dough. Take the stick of butter and cut into thick slices 1 centimeter.

recipe puff pastry
Mixture of flour and water

With the help of a rolling pin flattened ball of dough (1 centimeter).

Arrange the slices of butter in the center of the dough as shown below.

recipe puff pastry
Place the butter in the center of the dough and shut the door.

Can close the dough by 4 sides as the figure below.

Recipe puff pastry

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and then fold it in 3 parts as in the image below. During this operation, sprinkle with plenty of flour.

recipe puff pastry
Fold the dough as shown in figure

Well, we are well on track!! This operation of writing with a rolling pin, dusting of flour and fold the dough in 3 parties must be repeated 6 times.

recipe puff pastry
Here ready your quick puff pastry

Here ready your puff pastry. Store it in the fridge. Success is guaranteed, There are possibilities of errors, You can roll it from left to right, vice versa, upside down, bent 7 times instead of 6, the pastry is your, ready to use. You can divide the dough into two parts obtained and use it in 2 different occasions, it keeps perfectly in freezer.

Try making this recipe to your house and leave your comment on this page.

If you want to know more on the pastry consults wikipedia