piadina recipe

Recipe Piadina Light

The flatbread is a typical product of the classic Romagna, and in recent decades has really gained fame internationally. Born as a poor dish made with wheat flour and water, over the years has undergone changes due to the different cultures and traditions of the various cities Romagna which is prepared. The recipe? There is not a single, every city jealously guards its. In some locations you use yeast, in other bicarbonate, someone uses lard, other extra-virgin olive oil, Finally, there are those who add milk to give softness. Has much in common with pizza, from the ingredients to form. Prepare the recipe piadina light at home, is really a simple and fast. This recipe flatbread is a version "light"Where you do not use lard.

piadina recipe

Recipe Piadina Light

Ingredients to obtain 6 piadine

400 gram flour type "00"

10 grams of yeast (that for pizza)

1 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

250 ml of cold water (30 degrees around)

piadina recipe
Flat bread stuffed with ham cheese and arugula


Preparation times flatbread, are reduced compared to the dough for pizza: Body preparation 10 minutes, rest (rising) 30 minutes, Cooking 2 minutes.
Pour into a bowl and mix the ingredients.

Transfer the dough to a work surface and knead for 10 minutes until he reached a uniform consistency.

Cut the dough into balls 100 grams

Cover and let stand for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes leveled the balls to give him a diameter of 20/24 cm.

Cook in a nonstick skillet over high heat special on both sides. If you do not own the circular plate for tortillas, you can use a common pan.

piadina recipe
Cook flatbread

A perfect match? Surely the Piadina with a nice glass of Sangiovese

The piadina lends itself to many different combinations, from sweet to savory, without particular problems.

Here is a list of the products commonly used to stuff the piadina:

salami, ham, baked ham, squaquerone, arugula, spicy salami, cup, mortadella, speck, fontina, pecorino, tomato, eggplant, sausage, onion, Nutella.

piadina recipe

If you want to know more on flatbread, consult the encyclopedia wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Ricetta della Piadina Romagnola Light

  1. Silvio Caro, tonight was a disaster!
    I made your recipe for homemade flatbread.. everything was fine until I stretched and tried to cook it.
    I have a board and I stretched between two sheets of baking paper.
    Needless to say, no peeling.
    When I kneaded I was soggy, I followed the recipe verbatim, I used fresh yeast, the yeast.
    Anything. It is no longer detached from the baking paper, so I fried diced (but then I threw away even those because my husband has drained the frittini with plastic scoop which merged in oil giving the house a pleasant smell of dioxin).
    Where did I go wrong?
    (thank goodness I had some bread, we ate sandwiches at squaquerone and raw and so ..)

    1. dearest Lixy, alla fine non ti è andata tanto male 🙂 sei riuscita in qualche modo a rimediare la cena!
      the pastry: seems a particular recently, but it is important. during the drafting of the ball absorbs more flour and does not stick, it becomes easier to knead. Courage, They did the first pizzas were of all shapes but….None was round!

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