Recipe Sponge

It is said that the recipe for sponge cake was born from a Genoese cook, some Giobatta Carbona, that in the middle of the eighteenth century, being in Spain with the marquis Domenico Pallavicini, invented this pasta dough soft and extremely sweet; this dessert was called Pâte Génoise, in honor of the roots of Liguria. From this mixture, they developed a more simple called Sponge, so named to honor the Spanish court that he had praised so much praise.
The sponge is part of the classic recipes of the Italian cuisine, is the best base used for cakes and is used in particular for cakes stuffed.

For this recipe you will need to use a mold 24 cm which can be cut into three layers.

Ingredients for a mold 24 cm:
6 eggs
6 tablespoons of boiling water
250 gr di zucchero
300 grams of flour 00
lemon peel
1 sachet of baking powder

Preparation time: 15 my
Cooking time: 35 my
Total time: 50 my

How to make sponge cake
Separate the yolks from the whites and whip them until stiff.


Whip the egg yolks with 6 tablespoons of boiling water.


Add the sugar and the lemon rind finely grated continuing to mount until the mixture appears light and fluffy.


Add the flour and baking powder slowly continuing to mount.


Finally add the egg whites until stiff and fold into the mixture with a spoon from the bottom to the top.


Grease and flour a mold and then pour the mixture inside.


Cuocete in forno preriscaldato a 180°C per 40 minutes.


Remove the sponge from the mold and let it cool before using it as the recipe.