restaurant at home

Restaurant Pizzeria Casa Activities Profitable

Open a restaurant or why not? a pizzeria in their own home is a trend that is taking more and more foot in Italy, in large cities such as Rome, Milan turin or if there are more than 300 and strong growth, even on the period of crisis we are going through.
It is now 4 the 5 years from the first time I heard of this type of activity. Common people who decided to prepare dinners at home for any guests booked, that at the end of dinner regularly paid a fee for the service received. I always wondered: How strange, restaurateurs and owners of pizzerias to open a club must comply with strict rules and pay taxes cream, how is it that an individual might do so freely?

Profitable pizza restaurant Casa Activities

restaurant at home
Restaurant at home

Finally after a few years, It received a law of the Ministry of Economic Development that puts an end to all this confusion and lack of regulation:
“Il Ristorante a Casa è da considerarsi ATTIVITA’ ECONOMIC fledged!!!
The resolution says the Mise: Open a restaurant in his home is in an economic activity All checked effects. Must be subject to professional requirements, sanitary and a set of rules in matters of security, urban planning and construction. starting with Scia to be presented to the municipality of residence.
The recent resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development also clarifies how can configure activity cook at home from word of mouth that has come to emerge in a real business, that alarmed even the category of Professional caterers that looking at the phenomenon with concern, They asked that the rules.

Restaurant Pizzeria Casa Activities Profitable

restaurant at home
Aorire a restaurant or pizzeria at home

The activity of preparing and serving lunches and dinners at his home , in days dedicated to paying guests, “non può che essere classificata come un’attività di somministrazione di alimenti e bevande, because even if the products are prepared and served in private premises coincide with the home cook, essi rappresentano comunque locali attrezzati aperti alla clientela”, It reads the opinion of the Mise through Gianfrancesco Old, general director of the Directorate General for the Market and competition that responds to a request for a Chamber of Commerce. La fornitura di queste prestazioni “comporta il pagamento di un corrispettivo e, quindi anche con l’innovativa modalità”, l’attività “si esplica quale attività economica in senso proprio” consequently it can not be considered, Getting a parere del, “un’attività libera e pertanto non assoggettabile ad alcune previsione normativa tra quelle applicabili ai soggetti che esercitano un’attività di somministrazione di alimenti e bevande”. In motivating the position taken, Gianfrancesco Old refers to a footnote, always your firm, with which it has been classified as an actual administration of the public of foods and drinks that made by the owner of a villa, che “intendeva preparare cibi e bevande nella propria cucina fornendo tale servizio solo su specifica richiesta e prenotazione da parte di un committente e quindi solo per gli eventuali invitati”.
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