Use the Microwave Oven Alternatively

Use the Microwave Oven Alternatively

Use the Microwave Oven Alternatively. Did you know that you can use the microwave oven in many different ways? This type of oven has been present in our kitchens for a long time, but it would seem that not everyone knows the potential of this object.

In addition to defrosting food, reheat or cook it, this type of oven can be used in other ways. In this short guide we will see together some alternative ways with which it is possible to use this type of oven.

Use the Microwave Oven Alternatively

Sanitize kitchen sponges: Very easy trick to implement, kitchen sponges often get dirty, therefore they can be sterilized in the microwave oven, after having washed them well, place them in the oven 4/5 minutes at maximum power.

Neck pains: If you suffer from neck pain, put your favorite scarf in your microwave, heat it and wrap it around your neck. Pay attention to the label, as not all types of fabrics can go in your microwave.

Other Suggestions of Alternative Uses

Sterilize Glass Jars: After having washed and dried them well, put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Dry your herbs: And, just so, during the various seasons you will have happened to collect fresh aromatic herbs in abundance, using your microwave oven you can easily dry them and store them in jars. Let's see how to do it: put the herbs in the oven at maximum power for a few minutes and your herbs will lose all their moisture as if by magic, by doing so they can be preserved for a very long time.


Always take great care of your microwave oven, clean it constantly.

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