Rises Coming For Our Beloved Pizza

Rises Coming For Our Beloved Pizza

Rises Coming For Our Beloved Pizza. There seems to be no peace for our beloved pizza. Perhaps because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, or because of some speculators everything has shot up.

Flour has doubled in price in recent months, tomato and mozzarella due to the frightening fuel increases have risen in price, the same thing goes for all the ingredients that go on the pizza.

Rises in commodities

We want to talk about the power supply of the ovens? They are wood fired, electric or gas, just look at the latest bills to understand that everything has risen frighteningly.

So I have no doubts about the next increases that we will find when we decide to leave the house with the family to go and eat our pizza..

Rises Coming For Our Beloved Pizza

Even pizzerias that make home deliveries will be forced to adjust delivery prices, I don't know if you noticed, but gasoline costs more than two euros per liter.

Get ready dear friends pizza chefs and restaurant managers, remember that the first next expense will be to print new menus when we raise prices.

There is no more escape now

An old story comes to mind that starts with the dog trying to bite its own tail. This is the price to pay for "globalization".

Fortunately, for the moment the price of our professional practical courses to become a pizza maker have not yet undergone increases. Find out more about our practical courses follow this link.

Rises Coming For Our Beloved Pizza


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Appointment in a few days for other news on the fantastic world of pizza.


Silvio Cicchi