Grow Spinach on the Balcony

Grow Spinach on the Balcony

Grow Spinach on the Balcony. This wondrous plant contains carotenoids, LUTEIN, vitamin C to strengthen our immune system, vegetable iron e folic acid which is useful in stimulating the production of Red blood cells.

Spinaches, vegetables a broad leaf they are very tasty, having no land on which to cultivate them, I cultivate them in pot.

The super vegetable spinach

Get a rectangular pot with natural soil, Sowing goes from March to November. Make holes with your finger a couple of centimeters deep and sow the spinach.

Cover the holes with more soil and water. In a few weeks, fantastic plants will sprout and grow luxuriant day after day.

Grow Spinach on the Balcony

Collect leaves without damaging the central shoot from where the new leaflets will arise. Plants will do very well in cold temperatures, but they need to luce.

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