What are the best vegetables to eat

What are the best vegetables to eat

What are the best vegetables to eat. It has long been known that vegetables are very good for our health, very rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Someone vegetables they are better than others, let's find out what they are

Garlic: More than confirmed by medicine, garlic reduces the level of triglycerides and sugars in our blood.

Which vegetables do you prefer

Carrots: When we say carrots we immediately think of the high beta-carotene content, they are very rich in vitamins.

Peas: They are very rich in fiber, they contain saponin and are a real cure-all for our digestive system.

What are the best vegetables to eat

Asparagus: It is said that those who eat asparagus every day never get old. They are rich in antioxidants.

Kale: Rich in vitamins A., C, K, kale reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

The super vegetables

Spinach: This vegetable reduces hypertension and therefore is a panacea in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Broccoli: They contain sulforaphane, useful for preventing tumor development. Those who eat it often can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Tonight I'm preparing the vegetables

Ginger: There is no better remedy in nature for lowering blood sugar and relieving inflammation.

Beets: Swiss chard is good for our cardiovascular system, excellent for reducing the sugar levels in our blood.


These are just some of the fantastic vegetables that you can prepare for dinner tonight. One last recommendation, follow the seasons.

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