How To Store Advanced Pizza

How To Store Advanced Pizza

How To Store Advanced Pizza. This article is for those like me who often make pizza at home. I never turn on the oven for a single pizza, so it always happens that you have a large amount left over.

We certainly cannot waste it by throwing it in dustbin, since with these simple tricks it is possible to keep our beloved pizza even for the next day in a perfect way.

How To Store Advanced Pizza

Today we will see some simple tips to always keep perfect, tasty, our pizza is fragrant and soft.

Let's find out how to do it together!

Storage tips

The first important tip is to never leave the leftover pizza in the box, The cardboard would absorb all the moisture from the pizza and end up dehydrating it. Much better to use an airtight container, or the old but functional method of transparent film and then covering it with aluminum foil.

Always reheat it properly. If you want to heat it in the oven at home, make sure it is already hot before adding the pizza. Never use the microwave, the pizza would become very hard to eat.

An Alternative Method

If you don't want to turn on the big oven at home for a small piece of pizza, then there is the old method which always works well, that of the non-stick pan. Take a non-stick pan, medium flame gas, insert the pizza and cover with the lid. A couple of minutes and you will eat your pizza like the freshly baked one.

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